Smart Tinder for friendships, privately matching 3 at a time

#5 Product of the DayApril 08, 2017

It's a free mobile app that connects you with the most compatible people in your area through group chats of three.

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Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
Thanks for the hunt, Chris! Making genuine new friends as an adult is HARD. Not only are there fewer opportunities to meet new people, but we become busier and pickier as we grow older. So we built Me3: a free mobile app that connects you with shockingly similar people in your area through group chats of 3. Here’s how it works: 1. Complete levels by swiping through statements about your personality, lifestyle, values, interests, and more. 2. Me3 then connects you with users that are extremely compatible through group chats of 3 (aka “Tribes”). 3. You can chat with your Tribes. Each Tribe highlights what you share in common. Me3 was designed to remove the awkwardness of befriending new people while protecting your privacy. Other key points: - Can’t be misused for dating: We automatically match users of the same gender who are highly compatible in groups of 3, instead of matching 2 users who “swiped right” on each other’s profiles. - Private Profiles: User profiles are never public. They are only visible to the users you have already matched with. - Smart Matching: Our algorithm considers around 150 individual factors when deciding who to match, and it will only get better through machine learning. We “launch” new locations as soon as 500 people sign-up. Today we’re launching in NYC. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
Thought I’d say something quick about the other tools out there. MeetUp: Organized around one activity or interest. It turns out racist pedophiles can also like hiking! BumbleBFF, MeetMe, Skout, etc: Really? Swiping at pictures of dudes? On a more serious note, there’s a loneliness epidemic ( afflicting adults of all ages that we’re trying to stem. If you’re entirely satisfied with your social life, that’s awesome, but you surely have a friend, an aunt, or a parent that’s suffering. Help us help them by sharing Me3 with them. Here’s the science behind friendships and the pernicious health impacts of loneliness (
Chi Luu@for_a_day
@julianilson Did you really just imply that Meetup is full of racist pedophiles?
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
@for_a_day haha no, but that people who you may despise might also enjoy doing an activity you really like.
John Carmichael@johnnyc115 · Senior Software Engineer, MaxwellHealth
@julianilson Interesting assumption (stated a few times in your comments) that matching the same gender eliminates it being used for dating. I get what you're going for but that kind of heteronorminative statement can be off putting. Just food for thought.
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
@johnnyc115 Not only matching of the same gender, but matching always three at a time is what's important. I also wish people would respect the "not for dating" aspect and there would be no need for these gender splits, but one must never underestimate the creativity of a horny guy. :)
Sammy Najar@sammynajar · Startups helper !
So, why not 2 or 4? What makes 3 the magic number ?
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
@sammynajar "Man dates" are pretty weird. Awkward silences can take over, and you have nothing to blame but your glaring incompatibility. When there are three people, the expectation to contribute to the conversation is less, so you're more relaxed and you can be yourself. Also, one-on-one chats between people of the same gender might create suspicion of the other person's intentions and/or sexual orientation. Why not four? Because the conversation can split up into two separate conversations of two and produce the same unintended outcomes. Three is simply the magic number for making new friendships!
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
"Same gender only"?
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
@faisal_hassanx Yeah. The problem is that if we mix genders, it quickly becomes another dating app. There are a TON of dating apps out there, so we're committed to building one that will be used exclusively for making new friends.
Faisal Hassan@faisal_hassanx
@julianilson That makes sense. It'd be pretty cool though if there were no gender limitations and if people took this as a "friendship only" app.
Julian IlsonMaker@julianilson · Chief Enchilada Officer,
@faisal_hassanx I know! But it's pretty much impossible. Other friendship apps that have tried this are plagued with guys wanting to use it for something else...
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
🖖 Congrats! Added to:
This sounds like an awesome idea. Congrats. Also like the video :)