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Maystr allows you to capture and share the news, events and moments happening around you via video and images. Follow others or search to discover what is going on around the city, from nights out dining in restaurants and socializing in bars to activities, clubs and hobbies with friends.

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Hey @erdem_cenikli, Can you tell us more about what inspired to build this app?
@jacqvon I have travelled a lot over the years and when I came to Singapore to study, I realised that for every country I went to, I was trying to find out what is happening in the cities, where are the best places for me to go, what are the news, events, clubs or restaurants for me to go to. Furthermore in my campus, it took me a lot of effort to find out about the different clubs and organisations I could join. Therefore I came up with this idea of Maystr, where you can create contents for your own local community around you. Students can learn about events within campus from other students, and tourist can share contents with other tourist around them. This creates a platform for users to share and receive information from other people around them.
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