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Did anyone find the "bonus" hidden game in Maxthon5 for iOS? 😱
Hot on the tail of Opera Neon, Maxthon 5 offers three integrated features: Maxnote is your collecting button for the web. Any content and information you see on the web, you can collect and capture with it. You can read, edit and organize your info and content even without a connection. Passkeeper is your smart password manager. It creates, autosaves and securely stores passwords. It does everything regarding passwords and what you need to be private the best. UUMail is the guardian of your inbox. No more spam. No more junk. And no more ads. With unlimited virtual inboxes, UUMail gives you the anonymity you need for your online surfing.
@chrismessina The iOS version of this with Maxnote is pretty nice, too!
@chrismessina Thank you Chris for hunting us today! It's so exciting! --Maxthon is a 13-years-old browser that seeks online efficiency & ease for everyone. It is available across multiple platforms so seamless browsing experience is made a reality. --It has dozens of "out of the box" features while staying compact and fast. It initiates fast. It loads webpages fast. --It has native adblocker & reader mode to block and remove distractions on the webpage so your online reading is made easy. --Native Maxnote app lets you write down notes, clip from the web & then see all of these right within the browser. No extensions needed. No app-switching needed. What you see is what you get. Not one element missing. --Passkeeper, a native password manager. Don't waste your time generating, saving & filling in passwords. Let it do the thing cuz it does it better & faster. --UUMail, a mail service that helps protect your real inbox from spam with unlimited free disposable shadow mails. Don't spend hours deleting spam or junk. Loaded with even more fascinating features like split view, feed reader, speed dial, etc, Maxthon5 browser is simply 100% ready to use, boosting your efficiency & ease.
@andym_dc @chrismessina Thank you Andrew, we are releasing an update for iOS version now, it should be approved within 24 hours, and you'll get an update prompt soon :)
hmm..looks promising. will have to try this one.
@rahulkapoor90 Thank you for trying Rahul! :)
There are security concerns, Not that Chrome is any different, but I just thought I would share.
@sikkdays Hi Chris, thanks for commenting. Here is our CEO's statement about the security concerns: Security and Privacy are always Top Priorities at Maxthon :)
Did anyone find the "bonus" game in Maxthon5 browser for iOS?