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#3 Product of the DayOctober 22, 2017

MAVIO is a web-product designed to increase your lifestyle brand and to smartly monetise it.

You will get a blogging website ( with options to sell digital products and services, send newsletters and so much more.

(FREE for lifetime using this code: MVPO)

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Website seems to be down, check it quickly.
@palash76 Thank you, got it solved. Space problem :)
@palash76 @ionamol should be alright now — we just had to implement some measures for the stability in the future. The registration is open again. Sorry 😊
Hey there! I'm Sergiu, working at MAVIO, and we're very excited to be featured on PH. Since MAVIO's beginning, we have made it our mission to find and empower aspiring personalities and make sure to offer them the chance to grow and create a business out of their independent brand. Everyone is influenced by certain characters in their circle of friends, on Facebook, on Instagram, at school, at work, etc., and this is connection is created through events and interactions - the moments where they have expressed their character, their true self. We remember great characters because they do interesting things, and this is the core element of MAVIO. We believe everyone has their own story, their unique character, and our mission is to help them express it on a larger scale. All we do is research and develop the right tools for your digital business, so you can communicate with your audience at ease and monetise your brand effortlessly. Let us know if you have any questions! or feedback (we love those). Cheers Sergiu
@sefinciuc How do you differ from Patreon? They have big funding and seem to be getting traction. I worry about going all in with a new platform and it not getting its footing and losing development momentum. Looks promising, though...
@michael_stadvec Selling is not our 1st priority. Creating your brand and building up your loyal audience is the most important thing to us. I believe that's the key factor where we're completely different.
@michael_stadvec Everything in MAVIO is created around this idea, of increasing your brand. Everything is you. Everything can be changed by you. We try to give maximum possibilities to the owner of the website.
Very neat - I see this being very useful for lots of folks! I've just played with it for ~15 minutes and this has some great functionality. Best of luck with continuing to turn this into an amazing solution! Here's my example page:
@adamlaz Thanks a lot Adam — the most amazing moments for an Influencer are when the results come up (subscribers, payments, views) — we try to help them as much as possible into achieving that
I am really happy to see you guys again on top of the day! YUHU. Few suggestions that I would like to see it here: a. Add a page with all of your influencers. b. Add a page with some very popular posts from your influencers. c. Share and get free for 1-2 months. Will be a nice and easy way to promote. Thank You.
@nicolaepase Heey Nicolae! Got it. All 3 points make sense, we're going to implement them one by one. Thanks for reaching out 😊
@nicolaepase @sefinciuc To reconfirm something though, those who sign up now will get lifetime free access, right?
@nicolaepase @arunsathiya As long as we are live — yes. The worst case possible (for sure not happening until 2019), we'll give you the whole project to host by yourself.
Looks great!!