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A digital clinic for women

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Hi Kate, this looks great - although, I'm not your target audience :). Love the "You have ten places to be, and a waiting room isn't one of them". But, the first section of your homepage (above the fold) feels redundant with not a lot going on here, bar the value prop. Sure folks scroll below the fold, but I recon you'd definitely increase conversions if you cut this section out and added this value prop. to the second section - that visually is much more engaging with the video in the iPhone. Maybe then tweak the value prop. message to: "Maven, the Digital Clinic for Women - Because you have ten places to be, and a waiting room isn't one of them" And then your sub header below. That way you have all three key elements working together (video, value prop message and supporting sub and the CTA button and hitting the visitor as soon as they arrive. All the best with today's hunt and hope this helps.
Love the design.
You folks are covering entire concept of Women's healthcare. Pregnancy Care, General Women's Healthcare, Cancer Screening, Vaccinations, Health and Fitness Counselling. This is awesome. This is superb that you folks were able to Raise capital in 2018. Keep up the good work. Regards, .