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Hi ProductHunt! I built Matterwiki (then on Ruby on Rails) in late 2015 for schools. Didn't take that further, got busy on other projects. Mid last year right after my internship got over, I was looking for something to work on. That's when I picked it up again. Took me some time building it little by little in between some classes. Well, here it is. First let me put forth the case of using a wiki in the first place. As your company grows it becomes difficult to keep track of all the knowledge in your team. It is difficult to communicate every detail about company policies to new team members. Things get lost in Slack channels. It becomes difficult to keep things in context. A wiki helps you keep track of all this information. Every article is filed under a topic to keep things organised among departments. Everything is transparent, who made what changes to which document and when. Matterwiki is just that, a simple, beautiful and open source wiki without the bloat.
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Wiki softwares are too complicated for small teams. Matterwiki is just that, a simple wiki for teams to store and collaborate on knowledge.
Neat. Why WYSIWYG though? I'm pretty sure Markdown would have been a better choice as the target is tech teams
@_yannbertrand The target isn't just tech teams. It's the entire company, so Markdown was out of the picture. Also, tech guys are happy with Github Wikis :p Fun fact: Earlier the project did use Markdown. Changed it after some feedback :)
@nshntarora @_yannbertrand My personal opinion is that markdown is overrated/annoying, unless your goal is to 1st target engineers, as yann says (in which case it's a must-have). Considering it is open source, that could make sense actually, as all your early adopters will be hackers. If the end user is broader, the UI that I'd aspire to is something akin to Medium where there are limited # of styles, user-friendly input popovers, and reader-friendly format. You'd want stick out from standard WYSIWYG, I think. You *might* be able to support both - but not sure...
Clean and useful . Is there any search implemented?
@devenbhooshan No, it's coming out in the next version. You can follow this thread for more
Nicely done @nshntarora ... I think the call to not roll-out a Markdown-only version is the right one. And for the right reasons at any rate. I know my team would go loopy trying to wrap their heads around yet another 'language'...simple as it may be. Any indicative timelines on the search functionality?
@avinashdsouza Thanks Avinash. In future versions I might add support for Markdown (depends on how most of the community feels about it) as well. Depending on your preference, you could use Markdown or a WYSIWYG editor. Search will be out with 0.2, which will be done by Janurary end or Feburary first week. I'm yet to figure out a concrete roadmap with more features, but the above is for sure.