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Today we are releasing public-facing company search at Mattermark! Now anyone can access our growing company search results, even without a paid Mattermark Pro subscription. We've been talking for a long time about being a "B2B Search Engine" and we still have a long way to go with this (and we keep falling deeper into the rabbit hole of possibility) but getting more data in the hands of people who need it to answer questions for their day-to-day work is our mission and this feels like a big step forward. Please do search companies you love and let us know what you think!
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@daniellemorrill Excellent news. Thanks for helping us save a few as we were planning to go Pro in Q2 of 2016.
@daniellemorrill Just Tested it, Ridiculous Simply and Gives me the infomation I want. Great Job !
@daniellemorrill congrats! I am curious to learn more about the process leading up to this decision. Was it an easy call? Is there a lengthy blog post in the works? :)
@daniellemorrill dope. I loved using Mattermark during the trial period but I can't justify the price tag for the 'investor edition' yet :/ Thanks Danielle!
I've been using mattermark app and database recently even without paying those last days and I was asking myself why... Now I understand. This is awesome! Thank you Mattermark for this decision. Congrats @daniellemorrill
@pierre_vannier You're welcome, thanks so much for using Mattermark!
I've been hoping for this for a long time. Congratulations on the launch.
Great resource @daniellemorrill - thanks for sharing. Can you tell us a bit about how this differs from what is available on Crunchbase for example?
@tariktech Sure, thanks for asking! Our data collection is much more extensive (Mattermark also tracks public companies for example), and we include signals of growth like web traffic, mobile downloads, social media mentions and followers etc. to help provide a sense of the scale and traction of companies. Looking forward to hearing your feedback as you kick the tires!
@daniellemorrill - thanks, I am checking it out right now.
@daniellemorrill - one thing I noticed is that the company autocomplete results on the main search box are nowhere near as complete as the ones in the top-right after you've performed one search. There are a lot fewer options that show up which will lead people to believe the listings they are looking for are not there. For example, I was searching for my company (Personal | personal.com) and it wasn't autocompleting in the main search box, but is later. Also, the main box seemed to pick an autocomplete value, even though I didn't select one. Hope this helps...
@tariktech @aeisenberger tweaked this so it is more obvious but the results are scrollable. It is good to know the blue appears as a pick and indeed the first item is selected by default but the intent is to make it clear what happens if you press enter in the search. You can also use your arrow keys to navigate the results (up/down). Thanks for the feedback.
This is all kinds of awesome!