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@eiaine - we are switching to CB Insights, but testing Datafox in the interim. The features and data are incredibly expansive for both tools - Datafox in particular has made incredible progress since they were founded. CB Insights is a very mature product and satisfied a lot of the more complex needs of our team. @wademvaughn - I actually spoke to Sequoia just the other day.
@thatguyBG - thanks! What'd you like the most? The event feed? Search is quite a bit more powerful as well. Let us know what you want more of. LOTs more coming soon :)
Even as non-VC, Mattermark daily email is a must-read.
@troblous I'm also a fan of their daily emails. I also know people that use Mattermark for sourcing startups to join.
Curious about how you could use Mattermark to source your next deal or track the competition? Reach out to me for a free trial:
Research, prospect, and track the fastest growing private companies with deal intelligence -- Been using mattermark because of the depth data on such a wide range of companies and the ability to keep lists and track data that matters to us.
Thanks @stevesi! Love your blog posts.
I did an analysis comparing Mattermark, Datafox, Pitchbook, and CB Insights among others several months ago, and ended up going with Mattermark. My team used it pretty extensively for a while, but we ultimately moved to a different tool with more expansive features and data. When considering a tool like Mattermark, I'd definitely advise doing a quick bake-off to check that the data quality and features suite your firms specific needs. Either way, Mattermark is a fantastic product with fantastic team, and I'm looking forward to the next iteration of the product.
@thatguyBG Just curious -- what did you move to?
I'm to hear that, @thatguyBG. I'd love to get your feedback on what you found lacking in Mattermark. Do you have a quick minute for a phone call? My email is, we can schedule a time there.