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#5 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2015
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MATRIX is a beautifully designed device that allows you to create and download applications for the Internet of Things - giving you a device that can be used in many different ways at once. With fifteen onboard sensors, MATRIX allows for more than thirty-two thousand sensor combinations that let you control the temperature of your home, monitor your small business after-hours, and so much more.
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Make sure to check out our new MATRIX Developer preview site: Also if you have any questions, feel free to email us at Thanks for having us PH. We love this place!
We’re super excited to be featured on Product Hunt today! MATRIX sets out to make it easy to build IoT applications not only with our hardware but with our software too! Would love to hear your thoughts on it!
This device is just magic, can't wait to see its applications!
@malihsoufian This device IS magic, I just coded a quick app to read out the kickstarter pledges to the office in about 10 minutes.
@seancanton @malihsoufian That's awesome! Love that application of it!
@javaughn Thank you for your note. MATRIX is an evolution of our vision. Our current IoT product, the AdBeacon is being utilized globally with medium to large businesses and also being utilized by small business owners wanting to better understand their physical world. As developers of cutting edge-techology, we believe in the creative power of developers to change the world. Today, there isn't a unified Internet of Things platform powered by a single device that allows the industry to reach its full potential; that why we created the MATRIX. We like to think that the convergence of the iPhone with brilliant app developers catapulted the mobile revolution. We are excited to work with developers globally to do the same for IoT. Wishing you all the best. - Rodolfo
Thanks for putting that all into perspective in that great answer, @rodolfosaccoman. As always, it's been amazing following your journey, and I'm excited to see what you'll do next!