Mater is a very simple menubar Pomodoro app. It's written in Electron and there are binaries for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

I've used a bunch of Pomodoro apps in the past and never found found one that hit the sweet spot for simplicity and nice design. When I found myself wanting to learn Electron, I decided to scratch both itches at the same time!

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Cool design! Electron app is a buzz-killer for me. How much memory does it tend to consume?
@mrahmadawais Just saw its answered in another comment. 250+ MB woops!
I usually use TomatoTimer when I'm doing pomodoros but looking forward to trying this out - the simple design and color scheme is really appealing.
@abadesi Is TomatoTimer a Mac menu app?
@binoyxj Yes it is, I'm on the free version. Just checked and its actually called "BeFocused"
@abadesi Thank you. I'm using it already :)
Hey @jasonlong, What made you want to build this? Tell us a little more!
@jacqvon Heya @jacqvon, I updated the description with a little more info :)
love the simplicity
This is great - but 250+ mb for a timer? Blimey.
@ali_parr I'm guessing @jasonlong used react-starter and didn't even bundle the js/css. Using electron with vanilla Js would get u down to 40mb, and that's still too much for a small timer app..
@ali_parr @gilly914 There's no React, just vanilla JS. I'm not sure how much I can do to get the size down, but will look into it.
@ali_parr @jasonlong well I didn't even download it, but there's no reason an electron app like this should be over 200mb. You're probably bundling something that you don't need to
@ali_parr @jasonlong @gilly914 Yep Gilly is right. You are bundling something more. It must be around 50MB for this small app. Edit: Just saw the releases page. The app is small around 53MB. Its 250MB for memory I guess.