Mate 5 for iOS

Powerful translator app with desktop-grade Safari extension

Mate is a powerful translator app that is deeply integrated with iOS. It lets you easily translate words, texts, speech, websites, chats in iMessage. Thanks to integrations via Action Extensions, you can use it in any app: in PDFs, Notes, Mail, Safari, etc.
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There's a lot of killer features in this update actually. Didn't see the medium article link initially and, though the video is still pretty compelling and explains core stuff, I find that a more elaborate description for the update is needed here on Product Hunt! Despite that, offline mode is probably something that every Mate user will value. And Safari extension will be useful for people who, well... Use Safari. What's on your roadmap for the next release?
@valentine_erokhin thank you, Valentine! Yes, offline mode was actually the most-requested feature in the past years. I hope current users will love it as it turned out to be almost as precise an online translations, and reasonably-sized, too. One language pack is just around 50 MB. We have some growth experiments penciled in for the nearest future. As for the product itself, we have Camera Mode on our backlog.
Hi hunters! It's Mate's two-year birthday today, and we couldn't come up with a better way to celebrate it as to release a massive update of the iOS app. It won't be an exaggeration if I say this update turned out to be bigger than the initial iOS app release. Here are some of the features we to Mate 5: - A unique-to-iOS Safari extension which lets you translate websites and selected text on them just like on desktop. - Offline translations support for 59 languages. - Fully-redesigned speech translator. It works like WhatsApp audio message now. Super simple. - Useful stuff for language learners: genders for nouns and phonetic transcription. We've also put it on a promotion until December 8, so you can get it at 50% off – just for $4.99, without annoying subscriptions. A huge thanks to some 300 of our TestFlight beta testers who have supplied us with tons of feedback and guarded App Store users against pesky bugs. Also, a big thanks to @__tosh for hunting us.
Like your product guys. Do you have feature on iPhone when I'm copying the word and there is a notification with translation? Also what was the thing with Google Chrome removing your extension due to some vulnerability?
@vladkorobov no, there's no feature with a notification. May I ask about the use case, though? @ takedown: yeah, but it was like 3 years ago. Our developer account was hacked and the Chrome extension was hijacked with a malware script which posted on user's Twitter. We fixed the breach within a few days, though. And it's all been very safe since then ;)
@alex_chernikov sorry but Google was removing your extension 2-3 months ago from my browser...
@vladkorobov it was a bug in Chrome which randomly marked extensions as corrupted. It was fixed in Chrome v77.
I just love this. Nice idea, really. Wish you all the best and I’ll definitely use this.
@set_adrian thank you! Looking forward to your feedback!