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As someone who both hires a lot of people and also makes a lot of introductions, this is the holy grail - it matches people from your network to openings at your company, so that you don't have to think through your whole rolodex every time someone asks "hey do you know any good ________?"
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@mvolpe Thanks for hunting this Mike! We're excited to see how folks use it :)
Congrats on the launch @pseudovirtual!
@dharmesh Thank you! The team is really excited today :)
Every recruiter knows that referrals are the way to the best new hires. It's like pulling teeth getting to them though. I mean, Google recruiters literally sit you down and interrogate you for every referral possibility as soon as you're in the door. It's that important. I hope this tool helps folks navigate that morass quickly and without friction.
@colinbrauns Colin - I couldn't agree more. One of the things we are aiming for is to skip the interrogation and actually make it fun for you by making suggestions with a (hopefully) fun UI :)
I spend so much time making intros for talented friends. I am glad to do it; but something where I can more concretely help them is a huge win/win.
Yes! No more...hey can you introduce any [profile] in your network for this role?
Finally! This will make helping my friends find jobs so much easier.