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Optimize your Shopify Blog. Platform free during COVID-19.

Optimize, analyze, and populate your Shopify blog with Matcha. Grow email subscribers, segment your lists, make data-driven content strategy decisions, and turn readers into buyers. Free forever for all new users that sign up during COVID-19.
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Hi there, PH! I'm Gio and I work on product at Matcha. Today, we're launching Matcha Free to help eCommerce companies use blogging to grow their audience and turn readers into subscribers and customers. Because of COVID-19, sales-forward marketing strategies aren’t resonating, and marketers everywhere are turning to content marketing to stay top of mind when their customers aren't ready to buy. Now is the time to focus on giving and building brand trust by providing useful, informative, and entertaining content that enriches the daily lives of your customers. Matcha is on a mission to make your blog the biggest asset for your business’ growth, especially in the context of the world today. We want to practice what we preach, so we’re giving the entire Matcha Platform (normally $29/month) away for free to all new users that sign up during the COVID-19 crisis." to "We want to practice what we preach, so we’re making the Matcha Platform (normally $29/month) free forever to all new users that sign up during the COVID-19 crisis. With Matcha, blogging is more than customer engagement and organic traffic growth. It’s the bridge between brand marketing and performance marketing. Source and optimize content to nurture readers into email subscribers and into buyers. With the Matcha Platform, eCommerce merchants can: + Optimize blog articles for lead conversion and revenue generation + Analyze content and make data-driven decisions at all stages of the marketing funnel + Target readers more effectively with interest-optimized segmented email lists + Populate blog with professionally-written licensed content from top-publishers. (Library subscription starts at $49/month.) We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering any questions you may have about the Matcha platform!
Looks like a promising product for those utilizing blog content!
@neil_banchero_smith Thank you for for your feedback, Neil! At Matcha we believe that a blog can be a huge asset for long term business growth. We really appreciate your comment!
Wow! Looks great. With Matcha’s platform I can embed products from my Shopify store into blogs, capture more emails, and see how many sales came from content? All for free?
@thomas_shields Hi Thomas! That's correct. All of these features are free forever for new users that sign up during the crisis. We're on a mission to help businesses convert content into commerce, and we want to help them do it at no cost to them during these difficult times.
I just launched a Shopify store for my new hat company. Sounds like this would help me measure blog article attribution? For the articles in the library, can I customize those for my brand? How does this work with Mailchimp?
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2. Our article customization feature allows you to easily customize the licensed articles in the library before using instant publication to your blog. Our tool allows you to customize licensed articles in the following ways: - Change the Feature Image to a branded image - Adjust the Title to whatever works best for your brand's voice - Add a branded blurb before or article the article. This includes the ability to link to other pages on your site! - (If you are on Shopify) Embed dynamic product listings directly into all your blog posts.
3. Matcha integrates with Mailchimp in the following ways: - Matcha Insights connects with Mailchimp to clearly show you the impact of using content in your mailchimp email campaigns and its effect on Open Rates and CTOR - Matcha's Subcriber's feature exports interest-based segment tags for your email subscribers directly into Mailchimp so that you can make targeted email campaigns
Does Matcha allow me to embed products in my existing blog articles?
@ryan_gaines1 Hi Ryan! Thank you for your question. If you are on Shopify, yes! After you connect your Shopify blog with Matcha, you can easily edit your existing content in the Matcha app to list your Shopify products or product collections. It's easily to create a global setting for all of your blogs, or individually customize your featured products for each blog post.