Until now, most available resources only list tactics and “growth hacks,” offering little guidance on developing a comprehensive retention strategy. The Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention fills that gap; it's the culmination of years of working with the industry's top product teams and retention experts.

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Nir Eyal
Nir EyalHunter@nireyal · Author of "Hooked" blog at NirAndFar.com
Really excited to see this book come out from the folks at Amplitude. It goes deeper than any other resource I’ve seen on the topic of using analytics and user behavior data to make product decisions. The big differentiating factor for me is that instead of listing tricks and hacks, they’ve actually developed a repeatable framework for analyzing retention that can be adapted to any web or mobile product. Highly recommend for product and growth teams working on retention and engagement.
Alicia Shiu
Alicia ShiuMaker@aliciashiu · Growth at Amplitude
Thanks for posting, Nir! From working with different product and growth teams over the past few years, we've learned a lot about how to apply data to building retention into a product. We wanted to consolidate what we've learned and share it with the community. Excited to hear what people think! Feedback welcome :)
Loren Appin
Loren Appin@lorenappin · VP of Growth, Pixable
Always impressed by the content that you guys put out. This book along with the examples is great, seriously. A great explanation of the right types of questions to ask along with thorough walk throughs of how to answer them.
Alicia Shiu
Alicia ShiuMaker@aliciashiu · Growth at Amplitude
@lorenappin Thanks Loren! thanks for the feedback via email too, super helpful.
Jan Fredrik
Jan Fredrik@janfredrik
Im looking forward to reading this book - I like the structure where the focus is on the how-to parts, instead of just explaining what to do or not.
SK@saurabhsinha322 · Product and Growth
Congrats to Justin and the team at Amplitude. I was there for one of your user interviews, and I feel you guys are making real progress on the product