Learn from the best practitioners, from Usher to Serena.

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I've been waiting for a product to emerge that would teach me how to dance like Usher.
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@rrhoover I, too, have been waiting for this all my life.
@rrhoover Looks like your dream has come true here!
@rrhoover Yeah! (yeah yeah yeah yeah....yeah)
@rrhoover your dream has come true... the @usher masterclass is now out. I expect to see the full show when I come to SF next. @drogier & @aaronirasmussen tell us about what updates have happened since your launch 7 months ago :) I see that @usher now has his masterclass out - how was it releasing that and what has the reaction been like so far? Also @kevinspacey too - looks so awesome :) How was the process behind recording this class? @drogier & @aaronirasmussen What Masterclasses can we expect in the future?!
@bentossell -- we were really caught off guard by how active students are (e.g. they've organized local meetups, uploaded scene work they recorded from classes) -- so we've been building a lot more interactivity. @Usher actually went on @theellenshow to launch his class -- she even asked him to Twerk on TV! He's been amazing. @aaronirasmussen and I have a goal to try to make each class as engaging as a Netflix or HBO show so we got really lucky when House of Cards director Tucker Gates was willing to direct @kevinspacey's class -- they just had lots of chemistry!
@drogier @bentossell "so when we got lucky when Tucker Gates was willing to direct"? Like it's nothin'. :) Hats off to you achieving your goal. Can you talk about how you reached out to these masters and got them excited to do this. Who helped write the curriculum/ structure these classes? ...and how you found it in your heart to price this goldmine so well?
@brandonwalowitz haha do you not often have high profile people like this just happy to do stuff for you?! :p
@bentossell :) On video 10 of Hoffman right now. The archiving of these true, dedicated, artists who learned from the original masters is a national treasure. These videos will end up in the Smithsonian. This is one of the best uses of the Internet I've seen. It's not even that they're high profile or celebrities... it's that they are truly the masters of these arts, with knowledge of their craft that wouldn't have been preserved without this. The world would be worse off if these were not being produced.
@bentossell Also, just need to say, this Hoffman one is not just for actors. I'm not an actor. It's for any artist who wants a glimpse at how to discover the real stuff inside of what you're working on.
Insane launch lineup of tutors for this new company that seems to be like an ultra-premium version of - they just launched today. coming soon: - Learn the "Art of Performance" from Usher
@_jacksmith awesome this is done via video. I thought this was another attempt at local classes but given penetration of tablets, I could see these videos being consumed on the couch a ton.
Masterclass is awesome! I took the writing course with James Patterson and loved it.
@nbashaw Thanks! Also, "building a new kind of electronic book" is such a good hook. I'm curious!
@aaronirasmussen @nbashaw I can vouch... it's awesome :)
@bentossell @nbashaw Ahh, the intrigue builds!
If you could take a class from anyone (dead or alive) -- who would it be? Isaac Asimov is high on my personal list.
@drogier Michael Jackson... I can do the moonwalk - taught @mscccc a few weeks ago ;) but so many other moves to perfect!
@drogier Quentin Tarantino (writing and directing - two different classes), Robert Rodriguez, Richard Linklater, Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg, Walter Murch, James Cameron (writing), David Mamet (writing and directing)... let me think about who else I'd love to be a fly on the wall around. I won't even answer the dead list, 'cause that's not gonna happen and there are plenty of great people alive. Although, maybe you know something I don't know... clearly it's possible. (hitchcock, welles, wilder).