MASSIVE by Sketchfab

Publish and share huge 3D datasets online

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MASSIVE by Sketchfab uses a combination of data streaming and automated Level of Detail (LOD) mesh processing to make it possible to browse much larger 3D models in a browser.


Greg Castle
Guillermo Sainz
Enrico La Cava


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albanHunterHiring@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
Hello ProductHunt! A year ago we teased that we had begun to explore how to to support much larger data sets with our embeddable 3D viewer. Today, as part of our ongoing initiative to bring any and all 3D content to the web, we’re proud to reveal the Alpha version of our latest product: Massive by Sketchfab. Would love some feedback, and feel free to reach out if you want to learn more, and possibly get a test with your own datasets.
Huge work ! We can easily imagine photogrammetry datasets for cultural projects without the costs of 3D retopo or specific app to download.
Edouard Nattée
Edouard Nattée@edouard_nattee · CEO @ @
Great work !!
Romain C.
Romain C.@cochet · CTO, Smiirl
Impressive! I spent almost half an hour on that map looking at details of Dordogne. It's very fluid on my laptop. Great work.
Yannick Mathey
Yannick Mathey@yannick_mthy · I code letters since 2009