This Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard is a custom and officially licensed mechanical keyboard that will last for years and bring some fun to your workspace. Plus, if you already have a mechanical keyboard, you can get just the keycaps to swap in (! You can even get a "bag" of caps to play a regulation game of Scrabble!

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Wow, is it possible for something new to instantly become a classic? This keyboard is gorgeous.
Product details require a Massdrop account. Some highlights for those uninterested in creating an account: - $159.99 based on current order volume - Estimated ship date is September 4, 2018; 17 days left to place order - Scrabble XDA keycaps are actually a standalone item Massdrop is pairing with an entry-level tenkeyless keyboard - Keyboard features Cherry MX Brown switches Keycaps can be purchased separately from Massdrop: - Estimated ship date is August 31, 2018; 12 days left to place order - Keys can be purchased in various sets depending on keyboard configuration - Key sets required for the above tenkeyless keyboard would be the Alphas set ($42.99) and the Modifiers set ($31.99)
The Scrabble ENTER key is AMAZING
Great job!! 😊 Is it Available for Windows 10?
@ayush_chandra Yes, all operating systems will work with it!
@cassidoo 10 more upvotes, eh? I shared with a scrabble community I'm a part of online. Scrabble Snippetz on The Facebook.
@dalevross Very cool! I'm hoping to bring this keyboard back soon!
@cassidoo Great news! I've been hoping for a new run of the Scrabble caps, there are a toooooon of requests for them on Drop.