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Thanks, @jasonshen! Very excited to be on Product Hunt. A little background: We wanted to build a platform that offered a low effort/high reward way for each user to share, respond, and actually connect with one another. Maslow allows its community to ask questions to friends or users anywhere and our algorithm helps the right content get in front of the right people. Once you answer a question, you’ll be able to view how your friends have responded and see how you compare on a larger scale. Our goal is to make it easier than ever to interact, make decisions, and create a consensus. The ultimate vision is to give each opinion equal power (vs current social platforms where the loudest, often ugliest voices tend to win), and to provide a space where people can come to learn that they aren’t so alone in whatever they’re going through (our anonymous response option makes this a safe place to connect over more sensitive topics). The team and I are happy to answer any questions! Ben
@benbechar Congrats on getting on PH! :) My first thought when I landed on the site was, "Wait a minute, I've seen something like this before". How does Maslow differ from an app like Polar (
Thanks, @joshuaoxj! The first and probably most notable difference is our feed. Similar to apps like Tinder, content is delivered via a feed of interactive cards that’s tailored to each individual user. Whether questions are from friends or users you aren’t connected to, our algorithm ensures that only the ones you want to see will wind up in your feed. Secondly, Maslow was built as a social platform and it optimizes for connections. The app is fun to use whether or not you have any friends on it, but connecting, comparing, sharing, making plans, etc, will add a fun and useful element to the app. With that in mind, we’ve made it as easy as possible to find friends as well as new faces, and we’re in the process of improving that even further. Finally, users have the option of whether they want to answer anonymously or publicly for each question. Some questions on the platform will feel more personal in nature so users may feel more comfortable answering privately. But if a user answers publicly, (s)he can see who among their friends, followers, and users everywhere answered (and how). We’ve seen people having a ton of fun exploring our responses screens. Would love to get your feedback if you download it!
@benbechar Awesome app! Really like the intuitive design and it's fun to use. How did you come up with the name "Maslow"?
@philipkuklis Great question! The app got its name from Abraham Maslow, the founding father of positive psychology. His approach to psychology focused on a person’s positive qualities rather than their flaws, which was revolutionary at the time. I was really inspired by this quote of his, “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself,” and this is something we hope to see happen as people use Maslow. The great thing about questions is that they make a person pause and reflect which encourages a sense of self-awareness.
Congrats on the launch!
I've known Ben since the early days of Maslow and it's awesome to see the team launch it to the world. It's kind of like Twitter polls crossed with Tinder. Fun, fast, easy way to ask questions and get answers, or just see what the world thinks about a variety of issues. Excited to see what people do with it!
This looks awesome!!! Is there a component to it that allows you to learn more about yourself / personality? i.e......I am obsessed w personality tests, it's been literally game-changing on this entrepreneurial journey. So big fan of anything...that teaches me more about me.... (ps: the design looks really really neat)
@geschehaas Thank you for checking it out. This is a really great question, and one we’ve discussed quite a bit internally. We’d love for people to use the platform to learn more about themselves, but we want to avoid the assumption that all users are interested in that information. We’ve found that Maslow has greater value as a platform where people can interact versus one that focuses on individual insights.
This is cool polling tool I must admit -- we all have these burning duality choices and you guys have created a nice UX for that delivery --- companies have tried to nail this dynamic for years -- gonna be interesting to see the adoption behind this --- how are you guys actively going after users?
Hey @samir_doshi , thanks for that thoughtful feedback. Right now we’re leveraging our own networks while we continue to test/iron out bugs, and we’re learning a good deal about how people are using the app. We have a web app in the works, and soon users will be able to share content to other social platforms and deep link to the mobile app. Our dedication to getting the right content in front of the right people (both internally and externally) will play a big role in our acquisition efforts.