Mashup Template

Collection of beautiful free HTML templates


It’s a collection of free beautiful HTML Templates.

All Mashup Templates are mobile friendly and fully customisable. They are all 100% free and can be used for any commercial project.

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tsifei chan
Vlad Kutepov
Anton Paramonov (RFclipart)
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  • Humphrey Pietersen
    Humphrey PietersenWeb Designer

    For Simple Straight Forward Project, Yes


    Might Smell and Feel like , Mashup for every other sight, takes great deal of efforts.

    Heres some insight , I have with template users, for most of the time most, want to think of the template as doing everything for them. It then get to the point where they begin to feel they need something done to the template. And this is where many woes arise. I think for many template and web resourse providers the "usefulness for a purpose disclaimer" should be included and where already included in the license it should be also Highlighted in Product Description, so users always know, the template is useful as and how they want to use it, not limiting not contraining or inhibiting anyother ideas yet, a custom development based on the template should be awarded its given value , dues and credit.

  • Pros: 

    Good template, no useless boilerplate


    Difficulty of modifying the configuration if you don't know webpack

    Good product overall

  • Assif Riyazuddin
    Assif RiyazuddinAndroid Studio | Corona SDK

    Awesome & its free


    Can;t remove back-link

    I like the templates & they are presented with a more clear view & content

  • Vlad Kutepov
    Vlad KutepovVlad Kutepov

    Created with love


    People want more templates

    Clean and light just what everyone needs. Thank you guys!