Mashup Template

Collection of beautiful free HTML templates

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It’s a collection of free beautiful HTML Templates.

All Mashup Templates are mobile friendly and fully customisable. They are all 100% free and can be used for any commercial project.

  • Humphrey Pietersen
    Humphrey PietersenWeb Designer

    For Simple Straight Forward Project, Yes


    Might Smell and Feel like , Mashup for every other sight, takes great deal of efforts.

    Heres some insight , I have with template users, for most of the time most, want to think of the template as doing everything for them. It then get to the point where they begin to feel they need something done to the template. And this is where many woes arise. I think for many template and web resourse providers the "usefulness for a purpose disclaimer" should be included and where already included in the license it should be also Highlighted in Product Description, so users always know, the template is useful as and how they want to use it, not limiting not contraining or inhibiting anyother ideas yet, a custom development based on the template should be awarded its given value , dues and credit.

  • Pros: 

    Good template, no useless boilerplate


    Difficulty of modifying the configuration if you don't know webpack

    Good product overall

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tsifei chan
tsifei chanMaker@tsifeichan · Co founder of Orson
Hello Hunters, Mashup Template is a side project made by our team at, creators of a website builder specialized in SEO. We gathered all our best practices and needs from our designers and developers to offer you these gorgeous HTML5/CSS3 responsive design free templates. All templates are free and can be used for any commercial project Features: - HTML5/CSS3 files ready to use - Pre-built Blocks More advanced features: - Handlebars layout - Webpack bundler with live reload - SCSS files with Bootstrap 3.3.7 - One click deployment to Now - Sketch Files We provide you with everything required to create your own template as well for the community! Feel free to use Mashup Template to create your next website and give us your feedbacks. Love from Paris ;)
Dre Durr💡
Dre Durr💡@dredurr · Growth is the only thing that matters
Dope designs🚬🚬 How are getting the designs? Are the crowdsouced?
tsifei chan
tsifei chanMaker@tsifeichan · Co founder of Orson
@dredurr When you download them, you can get the SCSS files working with Webpack or Sketch Files if you are a designer. Everything is under MIT licence.
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
Interesting project. Thanks for putting together these templates for the community.
tsifei chan
tsifei chanMaker@tsifeichan · Co founder of Orson
@weirdowizard Feel free to give us your feedbacks. We will take it into consideration for our next template. All Mashup Template are available with Sketch Files and a convenient Javascript bundler to make the life easier for developers. We really hope that the community will create new templates in order to share them again.
Guillaume Fleureau
Guillaume Fleureau@gfleureau · Head of Marketing, Sarbacane Software
Great templates, thanks guys !
Thomas Lesenechal
Thomas Lesenechal@tlesenechal · Founder 🇫🇷
This is pure gold ! congratulations team :)
tsifei chan
tsifei chanMaker@tsifeichan · Co founder of Orson
@tlesenechal Thanks for you support!