A peer-to-peer storytelling platform

MashApp takes the best in viral reaction and mashup videos, and allows users to create short videos (mashups) by inputting their own content between the gaps in other video clips.

As a creator-to-creator platform, MashApp allows anyone to be an entertainer.

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Oh this is a good idea, could get some classics out of this plus I really do miss Vine. I like the social aspect of this a lot
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Thank you @aaronoleary! You’re right , a classics here started far ago, at 17th Century with "rhymed-ends" in France (from the French Bouts-Rimés)! :) We’ve just added a power of Internet to shift from mostly consuming of a content to immersive co-creation. Creation rules by itself, but a co-creation is always dramatic - always Unexpected, Unknown, Unpredictable!
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Collaborative storytelling? I love it.
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Thank you @nikkielizdemere . The new approach to create stories by GAP-video form is how endless mobile storytelling for next-gen looks like. Two are always better than one! It’s easier to start your own creator way because half of job is already done by another user ;)
great idea - can't wait to see what creativity boils out of this
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For sure @aelia_yousaf ! We believe everyone can be a creator because anything can be a starting point for GAP-story. Sign up and fill in the GAPs with your version stories, or begin a new one, sit back and enjoy endless variations spin-offs! ;)
Can you share stories on other social media platform?
Hi @atharmajeed! For sure - just tap on ‘share’ button at the bottom left corner and share a mockup and mashup you like!