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Hi everyone! We've got a great update for Sketch users this week - you can now play prototypes and record video - without leaving Sketch! Here's the deets: - Sync your designs to Marvel in a couple of clicks - Interact with prototypes in our built-in prototype player - Record videos of your prototype flows and export .mov Look forward to showing you what's next! πŸ‘ŒβœŠ
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Awesome !!! Great Work, I just love it ;) It so much better than the inVision plugin for Sketch. It would be nice if we could export videos in gif like recordit.co
Great stuff guys, although I don't really understand why the video recorder is build in into the Sketch plugin. Would make more sense to me if it was accessible outside of Sketch, right?
Great update, recording functionality is the one! Would like to be able to select a standard cursor over a touch cursor though, i mainly use Marvel for web projects.
@jamie_shoard This is a great idea and already in our plans, cheers Jamie!