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#5 Product of the DayJune 21, 2016
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Hi everyone, We've just released a major update to our iOS app which now includes a built in design tool as well as prototyping functionality. Our super-simple design mode lets you quickly create mockups and comes with over 1 million icons, fonts, stock photos and avatars available for you to use thanks to integrations with Unsplash, Iconfinder and Randomuser. ❤️ If you like sketching with pen and paper, you can snap pictures with the camera and add them to your project too. We've also added Apple Pencil support so you can doodle your mockups on the iPad Pro. Once you're ready, you can turn your designs, sketches, mockups and wireframes into interactive, tappable app prototypes and share with your team, clients or friends. All from your device. You can download directly from the App Store here We're working hard on creating a brand new set of design tools that allow anyone to get their idea off the ground, stay tuned for more! 🐳
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@mutlu82 amazing team! Well done 👏
@darkejon We havent get the update in India. Awaiting to try the new update. 😍
@mutlu82 Thank you! Amazing news :)
Amazing work, we recently switched to Marvel after using InVision for a few years and it's an absolute breath of fresh air. Marvel is one of my favorite products in terms of UX. It gives me the same thrill early Apple product used to give me when I was a kid, just really thoughtful, simple things. Prototyping on the iPhone is a bit tough, but it's really handy to be able to tweak a few things on the fly right before presenting, for example. Having your prototypes handy for potential user input is also great. Marvel for iOS shines on the iPad. I can imagine using it exclusively and getting away from the Mac for a few hours. I actually feel much more focused on a tablet and I get things done quicker. Marvel is super close to reaching feature parity on its web and iOS products, which is still rare. I'd love to see more companies take iOS this seriously, because working on an iPad is a delight.
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@deezel Wow, what a wonderful comment, thanks so much! 👊
@deezel Why did you switch from Invision to Marvel?
Wow! That's a great tool with a honest price!
This looks really really great. Can't wait to test it.
Fantastic. More and more reasons to switch off Invision
Fantastic UI. Great app. Love it! 💛👏