Marvel for Apple Watch

See your sketches, designs and prototypes on the Apple Watch

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Hey everyone, We added Apple Watch support to Marvel web prototypes a couple of months ago but we wanted to go a step further and be the first app that allowed people see their designs on the watch itself. The tricky part was that the Apple Watch has no browser so our standard web URLs for prototypes wouldn't work. We came up with a simple way to use our existing iOS app to send designs to the watch, simply create or load your project on the iPhone and the Apple Watch will detect and display it. The next step for us is adding more functionality and full prototyping capabilities on the watch (Watchkit has a lot of limitations right now) Hope you like what we've built!
Huge fan here! Tried them all but always prefer Marvel. Love what these guys are cooking. Awesome work, Marvel Team! Here's a mockup I made for Apple Watch last week for our upcoming Todoist for Apple Watch app:
Great work guys. Always love a new Marvel feature now it's part of my day to day toolkit.
Great work guys!
Awesome. Love the sketching on paper -> watch speed.