The all new Marvel Enterprise gives you everything you need create amazing products at scale.
Wireframe, prototype, user test and developer handoff in a single platform that powers design productivity and collaboration.
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Hi all, We're excited to announce the next major release for our Enterprise platform, rebuilt and redesigned with the focus on helping large teams get the most out of Marvel. Here's a few of the new additions - The suite: Wireframe, prototype, user test and developer handdoff in one place - Shared Folders: Organise wireframes, prototypes, user tests and external documents and design systems in a single, sharable place. - Revamped permissions: 3 new roles that allow you to work better with team members and guests - Developer API and Zapier: Build your own integrations or plug into 1000+ apps on Zapier - Visibility dashboard: See what's new, what's in progress or what's finished across your team. - Security: More SSO providers and access locking - Blazing fast: Rebuilt from scratch with lots of improvements that save time like drag to select and keyboard shortcuts. Loading 1000 projects is a breeze now. Can't wait to show you the rest! Find out more here
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Still waiting for Marvel to have integration for Figma...
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awesome, everything down to the sound on that promo vid πŸ”₯
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The promo video alone is worth an upvote, but the added functionality is epic – so helpful for addressing some of the previous pain points of using Marvel at a larger scale.
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Awesome! πŸ‘