A macOS file manager for power users.

Marta is a file manager for macOS. It is native, extensible and amazingly fast.

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Marta is a pretty blatant copy of (my) file manager, which was here a few weeks ago. Marta's author has been on fman's mailing list since Nov 2016.
@m_herrmann I don't know how to define the "copy". Marta works faster, weights lighter and has a much more native experience than fman.
@yanex_ru @m_herrmann Says the author. got any benchmarks?
@hvllows It's the situation when benchmarks are just redundant. fman is written in PyQt – it makes the app cross-platform but at the cost of interface responsiveness. It's all about the UI: fman launches for about 1.5 seconds on my MacBook Pro 2016, lists have a huge lag on scrolling on retina displays, drag-drop is also lagging.
@yanex_ru @charlieirish Looks very much like fman. Are there any plans for making this file manager cross platform?
@ishu3101 There are no such plans. The goal is to make an awesome file manager for macOS.
@yanex_ru That's a shame. Does it support tabs? What languages can be used to create plugins?
@ishu3101 I don't think so. I think that cross-platform applications almost never become as good as the native ones. Tabs are supported since Marta 0.2: You can write plugins in Swift, here's the API:
Looks great. Like the old days. Please share some invites here.
Glad to see this. Finder is a necessary evil right now. Hoping this is better.
Traveling back in time to discover old good and simple to use things. Great!