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#3 Product of the MonthMarch 2020
Add any URL to MarkUp to enable real-time commenting directly on a website. Invite your project stakeholders and manage all of your feedback in one place. Unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators, unlimited opinions. All for free.
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Hi Product Hunters πŸ‘‹, I'm Alex, one of the founders of MarkUp. First off, thank you to @chrismessina for hunting MarkUp. About a year ago, we recognized that the process for leaving feedback on staging or live websites was extremely cumbersome. While there are many platforms for design prototyping, including InVision and Zeplin, none of these tools have taken the next step of providing a platform for collaboration on staging or live sites. A common workflow might see a designer creating a web design in InVision and having their development team create a build based on that. Once that build is finished, designers and developers typically revert to taking screenshots of the design and comparing that to InVision for feedback. Throw in email threads, Google Docs filled with comments, and phone calls, and this QA process starts to look incredibly messy. When we looked at other products trying to solve this problem, they are either too expensive at the core level or require you to download an extension. With MarkUp, our core product is free and users simply add their site URL and invite colleagues and clients to collaborate and comment in real-time, all in one place. No credit cards required. No extra downloading. With MarkUp, we've focused on providing the designer and developer community a product that is free at the core. MarkUp as it is today will always be free. We don't have pricing in place just yet but we are targeting a $15/month/user model for team plans that will include team permissions and project management functions. Anyone who has signed up by the end of today will get their team seats 50% off for the first 12 months. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, including our 3,000 early MarkUp users who continually push us to shape our roadmap. We're always listening and would love for you to check it out. To the PH community, MarkUp is yours, free to use.
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A truly awesome product! I have been using it in beta for 5 months with our entirely remote team (mostly with long landing pages & sales pages). It has honestly saved us so much time and hassle. Before, I use to record screen flows, learn other clunky software, annotate a PDF screenshot or try describe what I wanted via voice... Now, I can comment on specific areas in context and I know it's not going to be missed. It's been 100% hit rate on all edits so far! Two fav things: 1. Desktop,Tablet & Mobile Markup - It's AWESOME that you can switch between all three and have a separate version for each. Mobile is so often ignored... so this makes me happy. 2. It's simplicity - It does one thing extremely well and I don't have to sit around trying to learn a new tool. It's just really intuitive! Looking forward to seeing how much more MarkUp grows :)
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@apogeefreak Karl thank you so much for the support! It's been amazing having you on the product from such an early stage. A lot more to come in the roadmap including image and PDF upload :)
@alex_bullington you know exactly what I want haha!
@apogeefreak thanks for all your support!!
If you work in UX/UI this tool is invaluable for receiving and managing client comments. Easy for clients to use, even easier for you to get through 100+ client comments easily. It takes the pain out of the review process for our agency but most importantly for clients.
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@vygo this is excellent feedback thank you!!
@vygo thanks for all your support :)
Very easy to use, gets rid of the need to send screenshots back and forth, easy way for clients to give feedback or to review a website for the dev team
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@arvid_f_b Thank you Arvid, appreciate the feedback!
@arvid_f_b been a pleasure getting to know you! thanks for all your support!
@gregorydinardo thanks for the amazing product! :D
First of all: the MarkUp support team is absolutely amazing: extremely responsive, open to the feedback, proactive, creative, and visual! Thank you @gregorydinardo @alex_bullington for keeping in touch with the users and including us in the roadmap shaping journey, and figuring out together the future tool enhancements! The product itself: very easy to use, simple, does what it needs to do – share, collaborate, improve the workflow. The feature of switching between Comment page and Browse page is phenomenal – makes your work efficiently smooth! Good luck, MarkUp team - your loyal customers will support your in your growth, discovery, and non-stop evolvement!!
@natalya1 thank you so much for the feedback and for all of your support and feedback thus far! Looking forward to growing with you! :)
@gregorydinardo thank you for being receptively patient with some of my non-sense ideas and product enhancements suggestions :)
@natalya1 of coruse lol :) nothing has been non-sense, all of your feedback has been incredibly useful and appreciated :)