Markhor Apple Accessories

Beautifully Handcrafted MacBook Sleeve and MacPad

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Markhor founders Sidra and Waqas were born and raised in Okara, Pakistan, which is home to some of the most skilled leather craftsmen. By working directly with the craftsmen on the contract they launched Markhor and later went to Y Combinator in summer 2015. Markhor is now building its own manufacturing facility by employing craftsmen as a full-time employee. First set of products to come out of the new workshop are these well-made MacBook Sleeves, MacPads and the Mouse Pads.
Markhor produces one of the best leather shoes with excellent craftsmanship. The attention to detail is second to none. It's great to see the team coming up with another brilliant product category. Can't wait to try out the MacPad Plain (Tan).
It looks slick, though I don't see much use in it. I constantly work from different places, but I've never felt a need to have a carpet underneath my macbook :) Although mac users can be very gullible - they are ready to call an oversized mouse pad a "creative space", and then pay $65 for it
@koss_lebedev Obviously these products are for a different user than you. But some people (Like myself) spend ALLOT of time at our desks. More than half our life depending on what you do. Things that contribute to your space and creative environment I think are worth it. Whether you like soft touch surfaces, standing desks, vertical monitors...ect. If it makes you happy...Why not?
I purchased a pair of shoes 5 years ago when Markhor was Hometown and they just got started. They still look like they're new, and I expect to have them for at least 5 more years (I'm very satisfied). Excited about this!
Great stuff guys. I am already a huge fan of Markhor craftsmanship. Quick question: the leather is vegetable tanned or chrome tanned?
@ahmed_nabi Thanks Ahmed. We use and like both vegetable and semi-chrome tanned leather from selective local tanneries. As much as we would only like to use Vegetable tanned leather, it is much harder than chrome, so these two have different use cases. Full-grain Chrome tanned leather is softer and water/heat/stain resistant, which makes it a preferable for clothing and shoes. Vegetable tanned leather, on the other hand, is generally used in products that do not require to be actively touched or worn.