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Clark Valberg
Clark ValbergMakerHiring@clarkvalberg · CEO at
I’m super excited to share our newest product, Marketplace, with the community. We’ve partnered with some of the best designers in the business to bring you a whole line of limited edition t-shirts and art prints. Each design is exclusive to the Marketplace and you can’t get it anywhere else in the world. And we’re only growing from here—Marketplace won’t be limited to just t-shirts and art prints. We’re looking for designer partners to work on any type of physical item.. shoes, socks, laptop skins, coffee mugs and more. Plus, you can win any item listed in our new Marketplace. All you have to do is enter for a chance. We'll be picking new winners very frequently.
Seth Louey
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
@clarkvalberg you guys have your hands into everything! Bravo. Looking forward to seeing this product grow.
Omri Shabi
Omri Shabi@omrishabi · GP @
@clarkvalberg This is really awesome. The 'Win It' feature is tremendous and genius.
Febril Cuevas
Febril Cuevas@febrilcuevas · Product Designer, @Procurify
This is awesome! Definitely a great way to showcase awesome designs and designers alike! Another killer product by Invision. My wallet is not safe...
Clark Valberg
Clark ValbergMakerHiring@clarkvalberg · CEO at
@febrilcuevas thanks for the love!
Maxx Blank
Maxx Blank@aryehmaxx
Always wondered what it would like it if Invision tried ecommerce. Looks great! Much love!
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
Curious about the decision to move in a completely different direction and devote resources to an e-commerce platform rather than staying focused on the InVision product itself. Is the plan to productize the e-comm service and sell that alongside the InVision tool or is this a branding play?
James Deer
James Deer@jamesdeer · Director, GatherContent
@jameskoole I think it's a pure marketing play (and a genius one). My hypothesis would be that the little 'Win It' buttons will drive an incredible number of new email subscribers. The design is incredible too which, I would assume, will lead to people sharing. And if you don't want to enter to win? Pay for the shirt and market for them in person. One of the most original marketing initiatives I've seen come from a start-up.
James Koole
James Koole@deleted-21562
@jamesdeer No doubt the "win it" buttons work. Our in house designer is all over those and will now likely buy the shirts he tried and failed to win. For sure a good way to have designers evangelize for InVision "the company", and in doing so, InVision "the app". Must be nice to have the resources on hand to be able to make building an e-commerce platform on the side while still working on improving the core product. InVision is killing it right now.
Andreas Mitschke
Andreas Mitschke@andmitsch · I own a computer
@jamesdeer @jameskoole Agree, this is fan service in the digital industry made to increase reach to new similar shores. Like it ;)
Clark Valberg
Clark ValbergMakerHiring@clarkvalberg · CEO at
@andmitsch I love the way you phrased that
Clark Valberg
Clark ValbergMakerHiring@clarkvalberg · CEO at
@jamesdeer Thanks my man - means a lot coming from the content king himself :)
Illai Jacob Gescheit
Illai Jacob Gescheit@illaigescheit · CEO & Founder @Mobifile, @cRound
Beautiful idea. A great way to showcase designers' work.