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Build & launch your marketplace faster than ever! Add vendors & define their commissions, split payments, orders & shipments; no coding or credit card required.
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Hello, my name is Brittany and I am the founder and CEO of Shop Latinx. We are the first marketplace on Elliot, and what an honor it’s been to work alongside Sergio and his team, and to be a part of each other’s journey! Three weeks ago I had planned to build my MVP on Shopify. Long story short, I had no choice but to use a third-party app that would convert my storefront into a marketplace. There were so many problems with this app: the customer service was terrible, it kept glitching, and amongst other pains, I felt so insecure in launching this marketplace. Sergio came to my rescue, and the experience on Elliot was too good to be true, that I was skeptical until my vendors and I used it for ourselves. If you’re looking to launch a marketplace, do it on Elliot. The process for the vendors are so straight-forward. The shipping prices are competitive, they accept international orders that are processed thru Elliot so all the vendors need to do is print and ship. All my headaches have been relieved, and I’m more than confident about our launch tomorrow. Thank you to sergio and Elliot! I’m so excited to watch y’all grow.
@britchavez Thank you for the review, love & opportunity to launch the Shop Latinx marketplace on Elliot! It was a crazy 2 weeks getting this up, but we appreciate all of the effort & patience in doing so. So many great things to come!!!
Hunters, Since we launched Storefronts 3 weeks ago, we’ve had 800+ stores from 50+ countries sign-up to sell with Elliot. In doing so, one of the biggest bits of feedback was if we could add a “Marketplace” feature to our Storefronts. With that being said, I introduce: Marketplace! Marketplace allows you to setup & run a Marketplace in seconds. Just add vendors, define their commission rate, & start processing orders from multiple vendors faster than ever. Marketplace comes complete with the following multi-vendor tools: - Split Payments: Split payments between Vendors within a single order - Split Shipments: Split shipments between Vendors within a single order - Instant Payouts: Vendors are paid out instantly when orders are processed - Mixed Commission Rates: Define commissions in groups or by Vendor - Vendor Emails & Receipts: Vendor emails, invoicing & receipts - Vendor Profiles: Automatically generated Vendor profiles & listings 🚀Additional updates in this release include: - Digital Products: Add & sell digital products with simple download links - Homepages: Add a simple Homepage to your Storefronts, or Marketplace - Archiving: Archive Checkouts & products from within your Catalog - Customer Support: Add any 3rd party chat snippet to your Storefront, or Marketplace For more information visit: Happy Hunting!
omg wow this is amazing!
@randalwalker Thank you Randal! We appreciate the support. Let us know if you have any questions or need an on-boarding.
Hey there, so is this an alternative to the Shopifys of the world?
@jd_yaguara JD, great question & the answer is yes. Our first product, Storefronts is our core. Marketplace is / was a feature request stemming from our launch on Product Hunt 3 weeks ago. The difference between Elliot, as a platform, & Shopify? With Elliot you can sell & fulfill globally with zero add-ons, heavy customization or plugin. Along with running multiple Storefronts from a single admin panel, & having access, Day 1, to features restricted to Shopify Plus.
@sergio_villasenor Wow, sounds nice! What would you consider your target market to be? SMBs? Enterprise? Startups?
@jd_yaguara We currently support 894 stores from 72 countries, spanning F100s to first time sellers, including athletes, celebrities & influencers. Given the toolkit (cross border fulfillment, GraphQL API, fully localized, multi-currency & language, in-store & being serverless), we believe that Elliot can service all segments. We also have a “headless” front-end dropping soon in partnership with Next.js & ZEIT that will allow a front-end engineer, from CLI, to setup these Storefronts & begin theming in seconds. Stay tuned for more to come!
@jd_yaguara @sergio_villasenor I've never been more excited about a product than I am now. 🤓
@jd_yaguara @mariedyth_alcaya We are happy that you're happy!!!!!
Super excited to make it work !!
@mongeliliana Excited to have you on! Let us know if you have any issues.