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An up-to-date list of 308+ free marketing templates and resources across 16 categories of Marketing from popular document apps including G Suite, Airtable, Coda, Notion, Trello, Tettra, Miro and more. This is the largest collection of marketing resources!
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Today’s launch doubles down on something I truly believe: Even if marketing isn’t in our job titles, we all do marketing. Marketing helps us grow the things we make. Without marketing, our creations don’t get seen. Makers need to do marketing to get people to use what they build. Our side projects need marketing. Building our personal brands require marketing effort too. That’s why we searched the Internet for marketing resources and templates and then handpicked the best ones to put them all in one place, organized into categories and document apps they live in. 🤓 If you’re actively doing marketing today, these 308+ resources and templates are worth a look at to see how you can level up. 🥳 If you’re not doing marketing yet, you will be. Make sure you come back to our collection so you can quickly find what you need to get your marketing started off on the right foot. Please let us know what you think and how we can make our Marketing collection better for you. After all, this collection is part of our product at FYI and we’re always looking to get your opinion and make it and FYI better for you.
@hnshah What you said resonates with me since when I first started in tech, I absolutely HATED marketing and considered it as inferior to engineering. Fast forward a couple of years, and I have now have profound respect for marketing, conversion and sales. This is probably one of the fastest evolving fields and having resources in one place to keep up with all the developments is a must. As mentioned in the review, the use case of FYI as the core product makes perfect sense applied to this field. I wonder when the FYI use cases are coming for Crypto products (ahem!) 😎
@hnshah this is an amazing resource. Thanks for curating and sharing :)
@hnshah @john_vonroth I felt the same exact way about marketing initially - it's funny how quickly that perspective changes :)
@hnshah @federicojorge Thank you! Glad you are getting value from it :)
👋Hi Product Hunt Community! We gathered all the best marketing resources in one place to help people who are doing marketing become that much more effective. We’re convinced that you’ll find the best resources to help you get more done faster! We hand picked each and every one of these :) A big thanks to the modern tools that make it possible to create such templates: G Suite, Airtable, Coda, Notion and all the others. I’d also like to thank all the marketers that created these templates and decided to share them with the world for free: Kevan Lee, Nat Eliason, Julian Shapiro and many others. Would you like to contribute your own or suggest a resource we don’t have yet? You can make suggestions using the “Suggest a resource” button on the sidebar or comment below.
@enthusiausted THANK YOU MARCO FOR MAKING THIS!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! to you and your team!!! Well done...... Much love from me, Singapore 🇸🇬thanks for putting this together
Thank you @fajarsiddiq! Singapore rocks!
@frcbls cheers Ferro!

This is an interesting take on knowledge gathering and how best to use the latter. Traditionally, the approach has been either to use search(i.e. Google or Algolia) or the use of collections(so many on PH e.g. Startup Stash with their 18K upvotes). UseFYI is an ingenious hybrid: it uses both. The genius of this Marketing Resources List is that is naturally promotes the underlying service by showing what can be done with it and how powerful it is. So, great product in and of itself and brownie points for the innovative promotion!


Amazing list of resources gathered in one place.


Enable user submissions!

Thank you so much for the well-thought review, John. We did want to show how FYI can be used to find resources and how many amazing document tools exist today! As for enabling user submissions, at the minute you can use the “Suggest a resource” button on the sidebar. Thanks for pointing out the need for an even better system for suggestions!
When I worked at big companies in the past, I had processes to follow for every marketing initiative. Standard documents to create and execute on. But now as a founder, my team and I make it all up ourselves. We’ve worked hard to come up with our own methods for running product and feature launches, doing SEO, writing blog posts, building links, creating marketing strategy documents, and more. At least we had to, until today. Now we’ve got hundreds (308 and growing!) of marketing templates to leverage to improve how we operate. Selfishly, I love that we launched this collection of marketing templates - it makes my life a lot easier 😺. Would love to hear how it does the same for you!
@marie_prokopets If I can get even 10% of your super-marketing yoda-talents via this: 😎😎😎

Thank you for curating this wonderful resource.


Super Useful


Wish I had this sooner.

Thanks Hua ❤️