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Competitive intelligence for entering new markets and niches

#3 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2019
Are you looking to entering a new market? Discover the competition and gain audience insights before then with SEMrush Market Explorer.
The tool will help entrepreneurs to assess new niches and let marketers benefit from the knowledge of industry trends.
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Hi Product Hunters, Vasilina here from SEMrush. We are happy to introduce Market Explorer to you, a product we have been working hard on for the past six months. We developed this product with the idea in mind that industry benchmarking and market research should be easier and more accessible for every business. Now, Market Explorer can help you keep track of your industry competition and customer demographics, and see the bigger picture more clearly. This product will be helpful for those who are about to enter new markets or want to find a new prospective niche, or to get insights about competitors’ strategies. Want to try it for your business? This is how the product works: 1)Go to Market Explorer 2) Log in or sign up. You can skip the trial offer. Market Explorer is free until November 12th. 3) Enter a domain name 4) Get the industry overview 5) See customer demographics and interests 6)Reveal competitors’ digital market shares 7) Use this data to further your market research and competitive analysis. We hope you find it useful in your work. Please share your feedback and ask questions. Enjoy! Thanks, Vasilina
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@vasilina_leushina SemRush tools are now one of the standards for SEO professionals worldwide. Thanks a lot for your effort sharing the knowledge!
@vasilina_leushina @collin_farra Thank you for such a kind feedback.
@vasilina_leushina Market explorer account sure gives me more visibility about my domains and other interesting domains. Am exploring the trial, hope to find hidden gems with the help of this useful feature.
@vasilina_leushina @devaonbreaches Hey Devanand, we've put together a three-step guide on researching a market. Take a look. Maybe it will help you in your work:
@vasilina_leushina @aleksandr_betra Thank you Aleksandr. Jumping there right away :)
Looks really useful. Should provide additional insights when conducting competitor analysis.
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@nhdprins Thanx a lot Nico! Glad that you appreciate the tool!
Yet another great little product that SEMrush has put out that will help you gain insights and help you understand industry trends an keep you ahead of the competition. Try it out its FREE
@craig_campbell3 Thank you, Craig! This is what we work for: to let our users gain competitive intelligence and turn it into competitive advantage.
It is a HUGE time saver.
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This tool gives you amazing insight. I have tested it for my affiliate sites and it is great to get insight about your competitors and steal their ideas :P
@bostjan_tanko Thank you Bostjan! We are flattered to hear such a nice feedback :)
@bostjan_tanko Glad to know it, Bostjan! That's one of the use cases we totally approve :)