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Brandon Wuย โ€” Founder, Studio Pepwuper
Wow I woke up on a cold and rainy morning to see this here - thanks so much for the ProductHunt love! is a side project, created from a personal need to have a quick and easy way to remember people I find online - I'm so glad others are finding it useful, too. You can read more about the back story here

It's a simple tool that we use ourselves at Pepwuper, but if others like it then we want to keep improving it so that others can benefit from it, too. We have had a lot of feature requests - and bug reports! - and I'll be surely to review and prioritise them so please do keep the feedback coming.

P.s. @mikeysee helped build this. He's AWESOME. And thanks @isiyfa for submitting to PH!
Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt
I use people I follow as a CRM. It's certainly not the best tool for this but outside of Facebook, it's the only place aggregating people I know that might want to invite to an event, for example.
Brandon Wuย โ€” Founder, Studio Pepwuper
@rrhoover I used to use Twitter private lists to organise people on Twitter. It got a bit messy after a few years, and I wanted also to track people outside of Twitter. This is where the idea of markd came about actually.

The ability to message/communicate with people though is something this doesn't do currently. Hmm interesting idea... ;)
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