Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie

Keep in touch on the go, with this walkie-talkie app

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This app is so much more fun that regular messaging!
How does this compare to other walkie-talkie apps out there at the moment?
@bentossell I wished one of these audio apps really caught on, like Zello in the old days.. :) The concept is incredibly useful for work, but my only question as they all come is: how many users?
@san_picciarelli @bentossell I'm a month late to this party, but I'm guessing at least millions of users because this app is consistently top 30 on the app store now πŸ“ˆ 😲
@ganjianwei @bentossell definitely not here in New Zealand though..
@san_picciarelli @bentossell ah in NZ looks like it's 42 for social networking and 600+ overall for iOS. Def looks like hasn't caught on the same way as it has in the US. Even then I personally don't know anyone using it--perhaps they're massive amongst teens or another different demo from me.
How does this compare with Line?
Absolutely love this app. It has transformed the way I communicate with my team.
Sorry simple and love the voice/filter controls! This app just blew up within my friend base. We're all having a blast with it! Suggestion: make an interaction with the bot part of the actual onboarding experience so new users can post their first video without the shame of messing up by sending it to a friend