Analytics for web map applications

Maptiks is an analytics tool designed to track visitors on a web map application. Track visitor interactions in near real-time, and get metrics on the performance of your map to help make better user experience decisions.

Integrates with all modern web map platforms. We are big supporters of open source maps including Leaflet and Open Layers. Also integrates with Google Maps API and Mango, as well as the Esri Stack.

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Maptiks has a plethora of integrations with mapping platforms allowing users to gain further insights with the web maps and apps.


Analytics for web maps


I haven't found any

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Provides great insights about your mapping app usability


Can't get to see this awesome team enough

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Hey @julienjacques & @geo_will, What's been the most significant aspect to what you've built in this app?
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Hi @jacqvon ! We've measured 20m or so maps already, and are now able to start making broad assessments about how people interact with mapping UIs -> What works and what does not. We presented our work at FOSS4G last year:
. We are continuing to pipe this knowledge back into our product and hopefully start to encourage more map developers to adopt "data driven design" practices. The most common thing we hear people say is: 'I can't believe we're not doing this already'

My organization has used Maptiks on several applications, using several basemap providers. It has been essential for providing deep analytics as to how our customers' users are interacting with their application.


More insights into your map app! Map API agnostic! Incredibly easy to implement!


Not one!

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