Mapped In Israel

An Interactive map of the Israeli startup community

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Ben Lang
Serial hunter 🧞‍♂️
Hi, I'm the creator of Mapped In Israel. We've been building this community over the past two years and have added new features such as: job marketplace, favorites, email alerts for new places and more. Lots of people have reached out asking if they could use our platform for their own community map ideas so we're now building Mappedly ( a powerful, self-service, platform for building community maps. Here's an example of a map built using our platform If you have any questions, want to use our platform for your own idea, or anything else, feel free to email me:
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Simon SchmidDocument master iubenda and more.
@benln @mappedly Hi Ben, I've actually used your product a lot when I was in Tel Aviv this Winter/Spring. Useful.
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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@nocodemvp + @startupstash (sold)
I like this but afraid it's going to be hidden, I posted something like this about Dutch Startups: - that's hidden now :p
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Raphael OuzanFounder, BillGuard
Amazing product. And I love that Ben figured out that its usefulness doesn't stop at mapping the Israeli startups (which is already a fantastic achievement) but can power communities and increase discoverability for a wide range of topics.
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Eyal ZuriCo founder @muzli
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Alex Wolkov ☭UX, Front End
I especially like how there's so many startups in Tel Aviv area, that my browser grinds to a halt trying to load them all! Proud to be a part of the innovation nation!
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