Waze for things to do 🗺

Maply is a crowdsourced map for discovering breaking news and local events.

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Hey PH, Co-creators of Maply here. Looking to get some feedback on the app we’ve been working on the past few years. We started Maply in college to answer the question: “what’s going on near me?” This was a recurring inquiry not only for local activities and events, but also for breaking news and campus emergencies. At the time, the best way to find this information was via Yik Yak and other location-based social apps. Similar to how Waze addresses traffic, we believe combining user-generated content and a real-time map interface is the best way to discover here-and-now information. Today, we operate in five US cities and are used by thousands to find what’s happening nearby. In the next 6 months, we’ll be active in over 20 cities in the US, Canada and Mexico. Look forward to hearing from you all! P.S. if you’re attending South by Southwest, download Maply using this link (iOS: Android: for a map of everything free (music, tacos, parties, etc.) happening in Austin 😊
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@jeff_warren_orr Nice work Jeff! Any word on what cities are coming next?
@daviswbaer thank you! Next up: NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas and San Antonio. Anywhere else you think we should be?
@jeff_warren_orr think you could perhaps add Denver? if so I'll definitely be giving this a try when I go on my trip there over the summer 👍🏻
@complxalgorithm Denver is on our list! We'll be there by this summer :)
This is great, Jeff. How do you scale to get more content in and open up new cities? Do you guys have to "knock on doors" or can venues/events/offers onboard themselves?
@dsenyard thanks! When we expand to a new city, we populate the map ourselves with content. From there, we launch and start building an active user base. Once we have people using the app in the area, local businesses/venues/events can onboard themselves and have an incentive to start posting content since there's already an active audience in their area (thus minimizing the 'knock on doors' approach...although we've done plenty of that in the past :) )
I'd be lying if I told @levelsio wasn't looking for something like this a while ago 🙊
@levelsio @amrith Hoodmaps ❤️

Love it!


Great interface, easy to use


Need more participants

Thanks, Zach!

I used this in my college town all the time, seriously. I found cool study spots I wouldnt think of, and when film festivals were in town like True/False I could check it out and see what event were going on in real-time. Awesome app and super user friendly. My mom even knows how to use it lol


Easy to use, customized to your area/city, local recommendations


Wish it was in more cities

Thank you, Lizzy! More cities coming soon :)