Beautiful personalized map sharing

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#5 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2014



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Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
very convenient. sharing google maps on desktop is like hell. the only thing i would prefer: if they could use Google map engine
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@OurielOhayon Yes this needs to be a default. :)
Marc Cenedella@cenedella · Founder,Knozen
This is really very pretty.
Jack GonzalezMaker@jackgonzalez · co-founder
@cenedella Thanks Marc!
Jack GonzalezMaker@jackgonzalez · co-founder
Thanks for the comments @OurielOhayon & @nicholassheriff - We’re releasing a whole bunch of features in coming weeks including API, map embeds, Facebook embeds, retina quality print, text messaging and more! If we use only Google maps we break their terms of service, so for simple map sharing, we offer a choice of map providers – look for map choices via top left icon. Thanks! :-) Comments/Feedback greatly appreciated!
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@OurielOhayon @jackgonzalez would love to play around with that API for a core feature in my app. So I'll keep an eye out for the update, Great work.
Jack GonzalezMaker@jackgonzalez · co-founder
Thanks! @OurielOhayon @nicholassheriff Would love to chat further, email me at
Joel Serino@thinq4yourself · Lifestyle Entrepreneur
What a beautiful experience. I would know. I travel full time with my family and need solid, reliable, easy to use mapping tool to plan our trips and get us to where we want to go. I'm building the next version of our travel websites, starting with, using MapJam, and am so thankful that Jack and the whole team are working so hard to bring us the next generation of mapping. #beunmistakable
Robert Fenton@robpfenton · Rob
Love it - way easier to setup than anything else.