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Hi, Zsolt from MapHub here. If you are interested, I'd be happy to share the background story of MapHub with you. Also @ozgrozer thanks for hunting us! If you remember how the Internet looked before YouTube, you would never forget how every website implemented custom video players, which were half broken, half waiting for Flash to load, and all shared one thing in common: they were all black boxes you could not interact with: there was no way to watch videos pleasantly on mobile devices, to share them with friends, to download them or to interact with their creator. Today, 11 years after Google Maps and OpenStreetMap have launched, the landscape for creating, sharing and embedding maps on websites is largely the same: every website implements a custom map viewer, or sometimes just a Google Maps screenshot, which at the end are all so similar to what video players used to be: black boxes with no way to view them pleasantly on mobile devices, to download their data or to collaborate with their author. Google tried an alternative with My Maps, but the platform is so closed that most websites prefer not to use it and have no choice but to keep implementing custom solutions. I believe there has to be an open alternative: a map platform which allows anyone to create maps which can be shared, embedded on websites or downloaded to any mobile app a user prefers to use. After living in the UK for 5 years, I left my London life, returned to my home city, Budapest, and decided to start working on MapHub full-time. It was a really intense time, learning about the rich ecosystem of open-source tools around OpenStreetMap, setting up a full-planet tile-server, implementing an interactive map editor and trying to create importers and exporters for crazy file formats like KML. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ask it here, or you can always email me at
@hyperknot Looks cool! Do you guys support heatmaps?
@zolihonig thanks! Not yet, but we are always open for interesting use cases. What would be yours?
@hyperknot I am with @waivecar I have a set of csv data - lat and long points of where our cars have driven. Would love to have a heat . intensity map for all of the paths taken.
@zolihonig @waivecar I see. For this use case I would recommend you to have a look at @cartodb.
@hyperknot @zolihonig @waivecar You could actually even just use Google Fusion Tables for this, too!
Good onboarding! Nice UX. This is really great.
Nice work @hyperknot. Have 3-4 use cases for this, any idea when editing permissions will be live? Also, the landing page shows images per location but I don't see it on the admin editor. Will that be live soon too?
@logansm1th Thanks! I'm planning to implement both features in a month's time. You can already insert images, if you use markdown, just insert ![](img url).
Because of geographic position of my current country (Maldives), I need to use satellite mode. When I try to zoom, map become black. How to fix it?
@alexhoroshkevic Hi Alex! It depends on the satellite mode. Have you tried other satellites, like MapBox satellite, ESRI satellite or MapQuest Open Aerial? We are working on adding more providers, but unfortunately at the moment this is all what we have.