Mapbox Studio dataset editor

Creating and edit geospatial data in your browser

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Saman here πŸ‘‹ one of the designers who works on Mapbox Studio. The dataset editor is the second tool in Mapbox Studio, alongside the style editor. The two were designed to work together seamlessly to make pretty much every type of map you can think of possible. If anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer them :)
Hey @samanbb! i just wanted to say - WOOHOO, I've been waiting for something like this and it looks like alot of sweet potential! I'm actually based in DC and recently began Penn State's GIS World Campus program last week. I'm at work right now so haven't gotten a chance to play around with the tool yet - but what are some new/killer features I should check out in the new editor (besides drawing shapefiles & points) ? What are some use cases you believe that Mapbox Studio would now excel at, that before might have been a struggle? Love the work you all are doin' πŸ‘ Go DC tech!
@petrev01 the dataset editor provides basic tools for importing and editing, or creating your own data. We sweated the details to make sure the drawing tools and property editing feels great. We expect users to make maps for news stories, retail locator apps, and geographically constrained maps for campuses, events, and venues. The tool supports thousands of features and custom imagery underlays, so creative and ambitious folks could do much more than that. We released early in order to be able to respond to feedback and we plan keep pushing the tool forward to cover more use cases, like serious data analysis and processing.
@samanbb I'm loving Mapbox studio. Great up the great work!
@samanbb Awesome, solid answer. I most definitely look forward to using the editor. Can't wait to mess around with it. Thanks for the prompt response, and congrats on the launch!
I beta tested this app and it's really useful! As a cartographer, the data is always the hardest part of map design. If you're making a map using Mapbox's OpenStreetMap data source, it may not have exactly the data you need for your particular map. The dataset editor allows you to quickly add the things to your map that you need to make your map stand out, without the hassle of going into desktop GIS software. Specialized labels, points of interest, shapes, and lines can all be quickly digitized on top of their satellite imagery and easily added to your map.
@themapsmith Specialized labels outside of an arcgis editing session = clutch