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ManyPixels is an unlimited design service for modern startups, agencies, and freelancers who need constant design help.

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Joshua Pinter
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  • Joshua Pinter
    Joshua PinterProduct at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.

    Promises the world.


    Unfulfilled promises (but I did get my money back).

    I subscribed to the Pro and the iterations took too long and weren't great so I cancelled within the Full Refund period and still haven't seen the refund on my credit card.

    I'll update this every few days until on whether I get the refund or not.

    UPDATE: I did receive my full refund.

    Overall, if you have time and patience to get the design you want, this might be for you. But don't be fooled, as with all subscription design services, the initial designs are ones you find on AI generated logos. It takes lots of time and multiple iterations before you might get something that you want.

    Joshua Pinter has used this product for one month.
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  • Suganthan Mohanadasan
    Suganthan MohanadasanFounder -



    I cant get hold of them? Nothing was delivered.

    I paid and from the dashboard I cant do anything except pay. No way to send briefs of talk to anyone. Got a email from someone asking for project details. Sent them UI design requirements for an App. Was told I will get my first set of previews on Friday. They told me they will invite me to slack. I keep emailing and no invite so far. I emailed again and someone responded on Friday and said they cant download the App from their country cause its UK only. Fair enough but does that mean he decided to start on the work on Friday where I was promised first set of samples? I also used their typeform link to send project brief and assets for a landing page. The same person responded saying he didn't get it. I kept messaging and so far no reply. This is starting to feel like a Kickstarter project.

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  • Pros: 

    It's cheap


    It's cheap :)

    So far, I've used them to create a logo for a side-project as well as a branding guide. I will say that I've been very positively surprised by the quality. It's been better than what I had anticipated based on the price. Also, they're pretty good at communicating and are pro-active about expected delivery times, which I thought was really nice.

    Obviously, because it's so inexpensive, you can't really expect anything super high quality. I also don't think I would use them for more complicated projects where it requires to talk something through on the phone or in person before work can begin.

    That said, for side-projects, or relatively straight-forward one-off projects, I think this is great value for the price and I definitely plan to continue using my subscription. Even if I don't have anything to work on for a couple of weeks, it's not really an issue because the monthly cost is so low.

    Daniel Lang has used this product for one month.
  • Aaron Tsai
    Aaron TsaiAthena & Howler AI

    Affordable, good turnaround, great designs


    Management system needs more integration

    We've been using ManyPixels for over a month. We are very satisfied with its work and awesome customer service. We started off with the basic plan and had since upgraded to premium.

    Aaron Tsai has used this product for one month.
  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew DavisSoftware Engineer



    Complete waste of time and money

    TL;DR: Paid for a service. Received absolutely nothing. Avoid.

    I paid for a Premium account on 5th March, 2018 and submitted 2 design briefs that day. The ETA was set as 9th March for the first piece of work (already a day over the quoted time).

    I got a message on 9th March telling me that the ETA would be slipping to the 12th March. Still no delivery of design work.

    E-Mails go unanswered, support online is almost non-existent, and they completely ignore requests for help.

    I'm now about to start the process of a chargeback for the money that I've already paid, and try to cancel my subscription - which is much much harder than it should be.

    Essentially, they're taking money and not delivering what they say they will deliver. Avoid!

    Matthew Davis has used this product for one week.
  • Peter Malick
    Peter MalickCEO and Founder, Inbound AV

    Great idea!


    They weren't able to deliver.

    I think they were over their heads. They seemed nice enough, and the founder was quite responsive, but projects kept being delayed. They were totally disorganized, and were unable to deliver what the service promised.

    Meanwhile, they tried to bill me again at a higher price than I signed up for. I had to dispute the charge.

    Bottom line: They are one big mess. I wish them well and hope they get it together.

    Peter Malick has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    seems like an intriguing product


    zero response, customer portal is just to submit payment

    signed up 5 days ago, paid, and responded to the email they sent for more info.

    still no response. not all that useful if u get nothing.

    they sent me an invite to a "customer portal" which as best as i can tell only allows you to pay them. there is no project tracking or way to submit files or anything.

    Michael Harris has used this product for one week.
  • Michael Su
    Michael SuRemote Maker


    Decent Design Quality

    Responsive team


    Doesn't replace a dedicated designer

    Rough initial start but the team is responsive. I think it's a good fit for bootstrapping design and getting out decent looking MVP designs for various pages and some custom illustrations.

    Michael Su has used this product for one month.
  • d. nye yarrington
    d. nye yarringtonfounder,

    The designers and PM's at ManyPixels are hard workers that have been very responsive and a positive collaborator for us.


    None. Love 'em!

    As with any outsourced work, you need to work on setting clear expectations and our Design Briefs have helped. I'm surprised about the negative reviews above and suspect several of these users haven't created a very clear Design Brief -- the ManyPixels team has been a great collaborator for us.

    d. nye yarrington has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great value and amazing quality of designs


    Took some time to get everything up and running

    I've started using ManyPixels 2,5 month ago and still don't regret it. They are working quite fast and the level of design is just marvelous (for this price).

    When I joined, they had some problems with managing all the request. Since 1,5 month they are using JarHQ for managing it all. I can submit requests and communicate with designers, which is great. The support has been tremendous and very friendly.

    If you want to see any of the designs they made for us, DM me on twitter (@guyrinzema).

    Guy has used this product for one month.
  • Keith Resar
    Keith ResarFounder, Calenzen and

    Price, selection of expertise available, quick turnaround if you're organized and take advantage of timezone differences


    Not all services delivered with equal quality

    They advertise a dozen different types of design services. I've had amazing results from their illustration and also "touching" up existing assets where I don't know how to use Illustrator. I've had less success with requesting things that were difficult to explain. Multiple iterations would not change what I was getting. This is likely a combo of communication + cultural differences. All told I make use of ManyPixels for the services they excel at. I've renewed and would recommend it.

    Keith Resar has used this product for one year.
  • Suraj Vibhute
    Suraj VibhuteCo-Founder MyThemeShop & Rank Math SEO

    Affordable, fast delivery & value for money



    We have been using their service from the last couple of months, and completely satisfied with the work. You will receive the first design update just after the 24hrs, which is excellent.

    Robin was a great help, and whenever I had any query related to their service, he replied promptly. I would highly recommend it to other people.

    Suraj Vibhute has used this product for one month.
  • Eno Reyes
    Eno ReyesHigh School Student and iOS Developer

    Design Quality, Good Intentions


    Requires extra work on your end

    I subscribed to the pro version, I've found that in general there is a need to be extremely specific about what it is you want. If you aren't very clear, you probably won't get what you want - or worse it will take 3-4 days of iterations to get there. If you are comfortable writing up very in-depth descriptions and know what you want, this service is good for you. Overall though, for a small team without a dedicated designer their work is invaluable.

    Eno Reyes has used this product for one week.
  • Masi Dawoud
    Masi DawoudEntreprenerd

    Design quality is good


    They weren't able to really deliver

    Tried doing a few design requests, in all of them something went wrong. Either the wrong things were designed, or the deadline was not met, and in most requests both happened. I think they did really try to make it happen, and Robin himself tried helping out a lot. But it seemed the demand was too much to handle. Which makes me wonder: why didn't you stop taking in new customers, optimise your process, and then continue?

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  • Javid Jamae
    Javid JamaeFounder / CEO - Skipcard

    None - Can't figure out how to access the service I just paid for


    Onboarding experience is horrible, no support during US hours apparently

    I just paid for the basic plan and it took me to a payment portal on another website (Paywhirl I think). But there was no email or page with instructions on how to log in to ManyPixels itself to start using the service and submitting my first task. I spent an hour looking on the site, searching online, and trying to get support (which seems to be unavailable during US PST time) to no avail. How can a design company not think that it's important to have an obviously visible login button on the site?! I have no idea how to log in, submit a task, or use the service at all. Pretty horrible experience so far. :-/

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  • Tony Boger
    Tony BogerFounder at

    Read below :)


    Most of the cons were solved since my first engagement and ordering the first design. Very great team at improving weak spots.

    Today I would like to share a story with you, on how I came across solving one of the biggest pain points in my life. As an entrepreneur, for the past 8 years, I’ve been working with different freelancers and agencies. It was always a struggle for me to find the right person or a company for the design tasks. The biggest “problems” I’ve experienced were: - There are just too many freelancers, whether its Upwork or Fiverr. Those are 2 major platforms I used. - I never experienced something where I would be confident in results and pay a good price for it. Usually, it was either low price high risk or high price low risk. - It’s nearly impossible to evaluate and be confident in someone, so it’s always a lottery. - They are slow and use old project management theories and tools, which causes a huge amount of delays and iterations. Earlier this year, I found ManyPixels on product hunt. I did a little research, but I wasn’t convinced to give it a shot, so I just bookmarked the website and forgot about it. A few weeks ago, I was exhausted and overwhelmed from working with our designers, so we decided to give ManyPixels a shot. As I checked their Dribbble, there were some really great projects, so I was quite positive about my initial approach. But, what really convinced me to give them a try, was their blog, where Robin Vander Heyden, one of the founders, is sharing their whole experience from starting the company to operating and solving problems. Yesterday we bought another premium subscription, so now we have 2. I can’t describe in words how happy I am with their work, dedication, and process. If you ever need any kind of design - Web or Mobile UX design, illustrations, branding, graphics or anything else.. You should definitely give ManyPixels a shot! They also will do full refund in case you don’t like their work! I highly encourage you to check out their blog at

    Tony Boger has used this product for one year.
  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura ElizabethUI/UX Designer, Laurium Design

    - The quality exceeds every other monthly design service I’ve tried - Very fast turnaround time - The price is very reasonable


    - None I can think of

    I’ve been using ManyPixels for about 4 months now and have been impressed with their quality of work and responsiveness. You do need to be very clear with your briefs and it can take some practice learning how to ask for what you want, but once you get there, it’s an incredible service. I’ve been a designer for 8 years and ManyPixels allows me to be more of a creative director which I love. I don’t think I could go back to not having a subscription, it’s worth every penny and frees up my time to focus on growing my business. And a special thanks to Robin for being such an amazing and responsive founder.

    Laura Elizabeth has used this product for one month.
  • Alan Finlay
    Alan Finlayco-founder @boomtown @relay

    Easy to work with, responsive, great designs, great illustrations, affordable, flexible.


    Took a few weeks to get up and running and into a cadence, need to be very clear with expectations and not leave anything to a guess.

    ManyPixels is fantastic! I have been working with them for a few months now and they consistently deliver great designs, especially illustrations. If you know what you want from your designs, ManyPixels is a great team to execute and deliver high quality product for the price.

    Alan Finlay has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 



    Support is non-existent

    In short, they've charged me 3 times and haven't done ANY work. I've been emailing for weeks trying to sort this out, no response. I filed a fraud complaint with American Express and the BBB, fingers crossed that I can get my money back.

    I had extremely high hopes and signed up for a Pro plan. I wasn't able to start my subscription until recently due to a number of factors, but per their terms, subscriptions don't start until your first request, so I didn't worry.

    I should have worried. Lesson learned.

    Reece Webb has used this product for one month.
  • Manasvini Krishna
    Manasvini KrishnaIndie hacker

    Very responsive, constantly improving.


    I wasted time in back and forth, requesting redesigns and iterations, since I couldn't successfully convey exactly what I wanted.

    ManyPixels are very responsive, they also kept me in the loop and made sure they gave me frequent updates to let me know at what stage my design was at. They gave me a clear ETA and delivered the designs on time. Robin is also working hard to improve it on all levels so I only expect it to get even better.

    Manasvini Krishna has used this product for one month.