Add as many links in your Instagram bio as you want

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2019 puts all the links you want to share on one simple, pretty, customizable page — so you only have to share that.

Your followers will never miss one of your "link in bio"s.

Simon Schultz
Rasmus Burkal
Mark Stuckert
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  • David Ardan
    David ArdanDigital Strategy Consultant

    Solves the single link issue on Instagram.


    I have found better alternatives.

    I'm surprised that these linking sites keep popping up without any innovation. This is an echo of or Show us something new please.

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Hi PH! 👋 I made this for myself – thought you'd like it. I have a few exciting features in mind but wanted to see what the market thinks before I get ahead of myself 😂 There are already a few products in this niche but I didn't like the way they worked so I built my own. (Boy, is that a story I've heard before?) Happy to answer any and all questions you might have! For more: Check out my recent interview on Failory on how I bootstrapped a Patreon-ish project to $2,000/month 📈
@mikker cool product! Are you planning to add a twitter signup too?
@pregenun Thanks! Actually no. I'm planning on focussing my few efforts on targetting Instagram. Adding more sign-in services sound like a simple thing to do but conceptually the whole product explodes.
I remember getting an email from AppSumo about an identical product called Shorby (I think) and thinking why isn’t this free, should I make one? You beat me to it, kudos to you sir 😂
@omarhashimoto There are a few more (some of them in the sidebar here on PH). I don't think you should be deterred. Plenty of room and Instagram users for everyone 😉
Isn't working. It says link is blocked. Check it out.
@vaibhavsisinty I've had some trouble with Twitter not wanting to link it as well. What browser are you using? It's not blocked in any of mine if I access it directly.
@mikker could be my network. Not working on any of my browsers. Says categorised as adult so blocked.
@vaibhavsisinty I wonder what has been going on on this domain 🤔 off to the WaybackMachine!
@mikker Problem was with my work network. Checked on phone. It works 😉 Looks like a legit side project, do you plan to integrate re-targeting pixels?
@vaibhavsisinty Hadn’t considered. Sounds like a fine idea. Utm sources too I guess.
Hey! So you did the same thing I did! Love it. Here's what I just launched. Check it out. I would love to put our two heads together to make the perfect platform. 🤘
I already like it better than! Excited to see what features you are going to add. The option to change your username would be fantastic :)
@moritzseyda Thank you! Glad to hear. They have a good and more mature product. I like the way the usernames are mapped directly to your Instagram profile. There's a catch if you change your nick over there of course. But this way you can't steal Rihanna's chance of getting a matching profile link 😉
@mikker That's a very good reason not to add this feature actually! Rihanna probably appreciates that 😃