Manager Score

Benchmark your manager skills & get advice to improve

Manager Score is an anonymous benchmarking survey that helps you understand how you're doing as a manager. It asks your team a series of questions on topics research by Gallup, Google, Deloitte, and others have shown are essential to high performing, engaged teams.

To get a Manager Score, all you have to do is set your team up and we'll handle reminding them, compiling results when the 5 day period is over, and give you expert analysis and tips to help you improve.

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Hi Product Hunters, Being a manager is hard. You rarely get much training or support, and the skills you need to succeed are very different from those of an individual contributor. It’s not surprising then that so many managers’ve probably had a bad manager or two in your career because of this (and likely left a job because of it: 10 months ago, we launched Lighthouse to you ( It’s a product to help you improve your management skills through better communication, awesome 1 on 1s, growing your people, and more. Today, we bring you our 2nd product: Manager Score. Since starting the company over 3 years ago, the mission has always been the same: to help every manager be great. With Lighthouse, we help you learn and keep the right habits that have a 10X impact on your teams. Now, with Manager Score, we’re giving you an easy way to benchmark how you’re doing and get anonymous feedback from your team. And as important, we’re giving you actionable advice on how to improve in areas of weakness you may not know what to do about. I hope you’ll get a Score for yourself, or share it with a manager who would benefit. Happy to answer any questions you have as well. We tried to anticipate some of them with the images above. Thanks, Jason
@evanish Really impressive. Thanks!
This is an area of management that seems to have gone missing (at least in most tech startups), so glad to see a tool specifically targeted at improving these skills. Jason, how did you guys come up with the questions for the benchmark survey?
@ryandodds Great question. We've been reading the latest research and been interested in what the habits are that seem to universally work for teams for some time. We have written about those extensively on the Lighthouse blog ( and tried to build many of them into our main Lighthouse product. And most crucially, we always kept in mind the age old statement: "You manage what you measure." So we realized that if you're not measuring these skills and habits that are so important to great teams, then you could easily miss you even have a problem. Fortunately, other awesome people and organizations have asked this same questions. Things like Laszlo Bock's Work Rules go deep into how they created the Google Upward Feedback Survey to similarly answer this question of measuring manager effectiveness on soft skills. We took a look at what research and habits were most important, what companies are already doing, and what we saw was most overlooked by most managers to create the questions. That's how we arrived at a focus on: - Growth and Development: The #1 perk people want at work, but seem to rarely get (so they look for a new job to get it instead) - Rapport: If you've read any of the findings on the importance of trust and psychological safety on teams, you know how much this matters. - Feedback: A big topic right now with the shift from this only happening at review time. A lot of data shows people want more, quality feedback from their manager. - Retention: For any skeptics, this is the canary in the coal mine; we've found if you're low here, some of the other categories will also be low so you know why your team is a turnover risk. So the goal in a nutshell is to help measure if managers have some of the key habits that don't show up in a traditional 360 nor other types of reviews of managers. Thanks, Jason