Making a product designer

Free product design e-course from Tinder’s Scott Hurff

#4 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2015
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“Making a Product Designer” by Scott Hurff is packed with practical product design skills and examples, plus tutorials on technical skills. Scott is a product manager and lead designer at Tinder. The course is totally free and you get sent one chapter per week for 10 chapters total.
@erictwillis oh and one small clarification — I'm a product manager and lead designer on a great team of people. So it's not just me :)
Had a hard time signing up. I was trying to swipe right but it wasn't doing anything :P
Thanks @erictwillis! I had a blast working with the InVision team on this. It's building off of the work I've done for my book "Designing Products People Love" that'll be published in O'Reilly in December ( — distilling over 20 interviews and hundreds of thousands of words with product designers from Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, and, yes, even Product Hunt. @ryanhoover was awesome enough to sit down with me in the early days when PH was barely an email list! Anyway, I'm honored by all of the positive feedback. InVision did an _incredible_ job with the production. The course is absolutely _gorgeous_, and it's something I'm really proud of. Let me know if you have any questions.
Signed up! Forget books on a shelf, this is how the future of reading / books should be - chapters sent to my email. However, someone should just build an app that integrates that functionality beyond email. I would download that product in a heartbeat. Maybe I'll just create it. ;)
@alanaut24 I agree. Let's team up on this.
Just signed up. I believe product design is a must for anyone in startups