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This is the single most interesting series I've ever watched on TV. I can't recommend it enough. It's about an actual man an actual crimes he gets accused of. You can be the judge of whether or not he actually commuted them. If you like Serial season 1, you'll love this. You can find it on Netflix.
@alexcartaz can't wait to listen to it, just finished the series over the weekend!
I wanted to like this so much, but Making A Murderer should have been a 2 hour documentary not at 10 part series. The story is so compelling and infuriating, but the series felt like it dragged and repeated things a lot.
I probably should have mentioned there are *spoilers* in this. I would recommend listening to this episode after watching the full series, for background and context.
@rrhoover interesting monetization. Was this sponsored at the original local or does that stay with the awesome product hunt team?
@christiancooper sorry, I'm not following. Was what sponsored?
@rrhoover the piece starts with "this is sponsored content by Netflix", curious if this was sponsored by Netflix at PH or just a link to a story that originated as sponsored content somewhere. I've often thought about how you will monetize PH, and that opening comment caught my interest as a possibility.
@christiancooper oooh! We don't have anything to do with the podcast or sponsorship. πŸ˜„