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Fredrik Olovsson
Fredrik OlovssonHunter@mrolovsson · Developer, loving #tech4good
We all know Email Hunter (, but Makesmail comes in handy if you have a list of names & company domains or lots of 👉Twitter followers👈 whose email addresses you want. Makesmail lets you upload a list of 50,000 Twitter followers and says you'll get 2,000-10,000 email addresses with 97% send success rate. (To get the followers of a relevant Twitter account, Makesmail suggests a few options, e.g. the free service FollowerWonk: Also, the pricing seems transparent and you pay for successful results without any subscription commitment (Email Hunter has a cost per month with a different levels of max. number of queries). Would love to hear more from @kullar about the merits of Makesmail.
pardeep kullar
pardeep kullarMaker@kullar
@mrolovsson Hulloo, thank you very much for adding this :) I'll give a quick overview and what we've learned from people using. How have people used it? They've uploaded files of anything up to 50,000 people to MakesMail and got back emails for anywhere between 1 in 10 of the rows. We require both a name and website to go find the email. They've got that data from sites like FollowerWonk, BuzzSumo and their own data sources. You can see a bunch of free files here: What do they love about it? The love that the emails are verified (we check each one against the server). That's why the bounce rate is so low. It means they don't get flagged. They also love that we give them the option to remove duplicates so they don't send it to the same people twice. What are the bad points? A. Verifying emails takes time. It can take up to 3 days to process 50,000 rows, especially for good quality files with lots of names and domains. However, you can see the results at any point. B. We can verify that e.g. exists but if there are two larry page's working there then we can't tell you which one is which. How would you use it to make sales or grow? If you have a product with a specific target community, go find whoever they follower on FollowerWonk, download it and run it through makesmail. Once you have the email, send them a message with subject header 'I saw that you're following X... ' It's a very easy opener. Better still, send them something they need for free. That normally works :) Why ask when you can give. Can I play for free? You get 50 verified and 50 alternative emails to use for free when you sign in. It's a one click sign up, no credit card required. Have fun. It's a useful tool, we don't expect to be millionaires from it but if it makes people money, then you have our blessing. Thanks all Pardeep
David Diamond
David Diamond@david_diam · Product designer
Similar to Lukewarm mailer, it would be interesting to see how they compare
pardeep kullar
pardeep kullarMaker@kullar
@david_diam I had a look at Lukewarm emailer, I think they have a different processes i.e. they crowdsource emails whereas MakesMail is more of a tech solution. The closest thing to MakesMail is probably also finds emails but by scraping them. MakesMail and (if I assume correctly) VoilaNorbert both ping the servers directly to validate an email address. Oddly enough, we do use api for 'alternative' emails. What I mean is that we provide two sets of emails. The first is the validated, pinged off server, email which is what most of our clients use and the second are the emailhunter emails which we provide if we can't validate an email. I would say around 90% of the people using MakesMail use the validated emails but the emailhunter scraped emails are actually quite good too.