A better résumé for developers and designers.

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"It's not what you know on paper, it's what you've done." I hear that over and over again from hiring managers. Employers want to see what you can do, by looking at real projects. MakerSlate gets at that by focusing on projects + tags for displaying skill-sets.
Dane, Don't mean to market myself, but let me know if you need help design wise
Hi ProductHunters! Many thanks to @mijustin for hunting MakerSlate. I've been a big fan of PH since it began, so it's great to finally be part of the community. MakerSlate began with my desire to create a simple, responsive, nicely designed résumé for myself that is completely focused on projects, skills, and searchability. I started by looking at templates and other pre-built options, but they all seemed too busy, too noisy, or somehow not quite right. As I started designing what I thought the ideal résumé would be for me, I decided that a lot of others might be in a similar position and would possibly find a tool like this useful. So what started as a résumé for myself turned into a full-fledged side project: a résumé optimized for all digital makers. I've also been doing research on the hiring process, and the overarching importance of results and execution is a theme that comes up again and again from people who make those decisions. So why not give them exactly what they're looking for? I'd love to hear your feedback. I have a lot of ideas for potential directions to go in if people are finding this useful, and I'm sure you all can give me many more and better ones!
@danenania Cool! Love the product... will there be more designs to come?
@tayler2412 Thanks! Definitely. I tried to stay simple/neutral for version 1, but adding more styling options or custom templates is certainly on the table if there's interest.
@danenania hey Dane, facing some bugs trying to delete pictures. I save it but nothing changes, the pictures are still there and the new ones never appears. Thanks.
@danenania I believe I found the problem: images with the same filename are being overwritten. Example: Project A has a image called image1.jpg, then I upload another image1.jpg on Project B. The Project A will show the Project B image.
@brunolemos Hey Bruno, sorry it took me so long to reply--have been off the grid in Costa Rica. I'll look into this asap, thanks so much for finding and documenting the issue!