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Makers is a place for makers to share and help each other achieve their goals. Join us. :)

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We've teased this project a few times in public so it's especially refreshing to finally share what we've been building. Makers first started as a project to rethink Product Hunt profiles, but we knew a simple redesign wouldn't be exciting or particularly useful. After speaking with several people and observing patterns within the community, we sought to build a place where makers can share their goals and help one another. I wrote more about our customer development and design process here, which started as a Dropbox Paper "MVP" over a weekend. Over the past months, we've been expanding the feature set alongside a few hundred beta testers. Now everyone can signup and we'll be adding new people from the waitlist every day. Feedback/questions/ideas!? Share below. 😊
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@erwblo love what Marc's doing with WIP. Independent of Product Hunt, I'm particularly interested in tools that help creators and makers (I wrote about this recently). Makers initially started with a focus on new user profiles. Then we explored a β€œstatus update” but felt it was too broad but we saw many people asking for help on Twitter and other networks, but those networks weren’t designed for this interaction. So we narrowed our focus on something that everyone can find useful. We also focused on seeding the community with a diverse group of people across different roles (engineering, design, marketing, sales, etc.) and backgrounds (women, POC, etc.) so that it feels welcoming to a broad group.
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@rrhoover Awesome stuff as always! Do feel like the Product Hunt platform has all the features and foundations to support its own or at even provide a platform for other companies like Y Combinator to use and manage such events for startups. Seems like a natural fit being able to have the wealth of the Product Hunt community to support startups on a course as they progress!
When I joined the Product Hunt team last October my goal was to bring as many new makers into the community as possible. Speaking to makers from all backgrounds I was surprised to hear many tell me that they love PH but didn't feel ready to launch. What I love about Makers is that no matter where you are in the Maker journey there is something for you here. From advice and support to accountability, I've gained so much from sharing my goals with others and have enjoyed watching others progress, too. Excited to see what the future holds πŸ’«
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As I spend a lot of time here anyway, it’s a great natural progression, to track my tasks here too, and see what everyone else is working on.
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I started with Maker Goals in April and I have completed more than 75 goals by May. Some goals were more challenging than the other. The most helpful aspect of Maker Goals is that all the goals or tasks you have are public, meaning that other Makers can see what you have to do and when your deadline is. This is helpful because this makes you accountable for the things you do. I would encourage any maker to join Maker goals not just for building towards your goals, but I've noticed that the community aspect creates synergy to keep us going.
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@angeliquesocial really appreciate the comment and your feedback during the beta. πŸ™πŸΌ P.S. I swear we didn't pay Angie to add that testimonial. 😊
@rrhoover Always love to be a part of new Product Hunt releases. And lol @ the disclaimer πŸ˜‚
I feel that in the initial days of PH (2014 for me 😻 I don't even remember who invited me) community things were AMAZING because I could remember a lot of the usernames, faces, all by heart: A lot of the people posting and commenting were the same people over and over. Truly interested in dissecting and providing feedback on products. It made it feel really like a home for a maker. Fastforward to 2018 and PH is a successful and huge boat of people who wanna launch their thing 🚒, whether it's a startup, a project, an indiegogo etc. Lots of excitment, lots of new stuff to click and watch, but different... When I browse PH nowadays I can't really feel that same way as the early days, in the same way when you listen to a track on soundcloud (or some other platform) and fall in love with it. Then, fate or luck, the artist becomes huge and changes style and you say to yourself: "OMG look what's like a different artist now". Less of that "hey we're all friends and happy campers" feeling. But then, Makers was created and I could finally find a place where I could feel again that sense of community, with makers helping makers, hackers hacking, hustlers hustlin' etc etc. - Endorsements/cheers are great to see who gets excited for what you're working on - The inline chat makes it simple to get feedback/comments - Active makers makes it super obvious to see who is working hard to help and a great way to find instant-support from peers who are active. πŸ™πŸ» Extremely lucky to have been in the private beta, I only see bright things in the community's future now that everyone has access to this tool!
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@orliesaurus great points! Every platform that grows loses some of that "intimate" feel from the early days. It's inevitable, similar to the new, undiscovered restaurant. Our hope is that Makers can help recreate some of that intimacy, particularly as we roll out more Spaces (which are like sub-reddits within Makers).