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Makers by Product Hunt

A place for Makers to share, connect, and reach their goals


Makers is a place for makers to share and help each other achieve their goals. Join us. :)

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Founder of YourApparel and Femwyse

My invite for Maker Goals came at a great time. I was planning on launching my first app and things had to be done. Next to releasing my first app, I was learning how to code, replying to recruiters, updating the website for my app, and preparing for GDPR. Maker Goals is a great platform to reach your goals and to help others along the way.


Platform is built to motivate you, community is active and helpful


None yet. I have sprinted through a lot of my goals

Student Indie Maker

I use Makers since its launch, I‘ve seen the growing community, usage and how awesome it is to help and get helped. The social part and gamification is really addictive, everything is done to create more connections!


Easy to use, great community, helpful


Some features on the roadmap that I’m waiting but nothing important

Co-founder, CEO at Astra

I've been using the beta for about 3 months. Wasn't expecting much more than to just connect with other makers and cheer each other on. My experience was that plus a whole lot more - I received recommendations on approaching challenges, technical tips, and lot of camaraderie! I check my Makers page and scan for ways I can be helpful to others daily now.


Great way to engage other makers from all over the world and get advice


None so far - can't wait for more Makers to join :)

Full-Stack Engineer @Crisp

I have been using Makers for 16 weeks now and it became one of my favorite websites to visit everyday (Product Hunt is already part of the list 😄)

The product is easy to use and the community is positive so it's always a pleasure to use it.

The product is well-built and well-designed so it's the perfect tool to be focused on just the important things , achieving goals and enjoying the process 🙏


Awesome product with a great community, simple with not too many features, a product always improving, a team always listening to feedback


No mobile app for now but it's not a big issue

Product Strategist from Berlin

Excited to try it out


Great idea, interesting look


No access yet, can't say


Main issues

-Textbox doesn't format the words completely sometimes

- Page load speed is kinda low

- Makers Chat doesn't work without unblocking Ublock Origin

All of the above issues will go away with time as more time

is spent developing this tool. Community is awesome and

so supportive that the bugs are just mere annoyances for me

at this point.


useful features + cool (& growing) community


weird UI, need to unblock Ad Blocker, page load speed is slow

co-owner, Lemonade Coding Studio

I like PH because of all the items posted here. But I've not enough time to read all the new posts, I think, I need some solutions to get information exactly on topics I'm interested in...


Can find something really rare and usefull, can comminicate with developers


Needs better categorisation