Makers Battle

Makers battle weekly for cash prizes

Makers get chosen each week to go head to head competing for a cash prize. Makers earn points by completing tasks and earning praise on Makerlog. There is a cash prize each week from sponsors. Also, some of the funds go towards helping students and teachers learning to code through NodeHost.

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Hello Product Hunt, I’m Kyle McDonald! I’m so excited to announce Makers Battle, a platform where 2 Makers go head to head each week competing for a cash prize. They earn these points by completing tasks and earning praise on MakerLog. I had a lot of fun building a data driven project and hope to bring a nice competition weekly to the Maker Community. Each week 2 new Makers will be chosen so if you’re interested in competing please let me know. Also, huge shoutout to @ftxrc for creating Makerlog and having such an awesome API to build this product off of! Your feedback is welcome!
@hustlinhack 🙏 excellent work kyle!
@ftxrc Thanks!!
@hustlinhack Huge congrats on your super fast shipping on this one! 🙌
Fun idea and while "competition" gets criticized often, it's actually a great vehicle to motivate people to get things done. That said, I worry that this might encourage people to focus on the input, not the output of their actions. I.e. It actually doesn't matter how many tasks or goals I complete. What really matters is the outcome and impact those actions have. This is why OKRs are so effective with some teams – they quantify and measure toward a goal. Curious to hear your thoughts on this, @hustlinhack! 😃
@rrhoover That is that hardest problem with a project like this. I tried to balance it by using the "Praise" mechanism on Makerlog. You're able to give praise on tasks so tasks with more praise will have more weight. So hopefully my math works out well on weighting the tasks 😉 But at the end of the day it's all in good fun!
Absolutely love what you're doing here, it helps makers get more productive and is for a good cause (helping students and teachers code websites via NodeHost). I'm a huge fan and Makerlog is super proud to power this event!
Quite unsure that focusing on a task quantity is a good strategy, but it's still a funny concept.
@alexanderisora The scoring is a combination of number of tasks and praise received on the tasks. So it gives another option to winning besides completing the most tasks! It's all in good fun though!